Thursday, May 3, 2012

Duggar Video Archives: 15 Kids and Counting

Come this September, the Duggars will celebrate eight years of reality TV. The following video was filmed in 2005, back when Jim Bob and Michelle had fifteen children under the age of eighteen. Jackson was taking his first steps, Jill had just entered her teenage years, and twins Jana and John-David were learning to drive. 

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Bayley said...

Hi Lily and Ellie!
Does this mean that the show will return in September?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

this is so awesome! i love the duggars more than any other t.v family and i always will! <3

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Bayley,

TLC has not yet announced when the show will return, but we will post it when they do.

Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

Is that baby Johannah in the pink being held by one of the older girls, at the start..?
Cause I thought she was born after 15 kids and counting? as in shes #16 isnt she?

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Anonymous,

The baby in pink is Johannah. The video intro was added in 2006, but the rest of the video was filmed in early fall 2005, just before the birth of Johannah.

Have a blessed day,
Lily and Ellie

Lacy said...

Wow, it's almost shocking to me to see how they have all changed so much! Not just in terms of growing up, but their overall style, with the girls mostly-it was like Little House on the Prairie, and now it's like they've jumped into modern times. The older girls are wearing the latest styles, as long as it stays modest, and I saw Jinger in a recent episode wearing black boots. Just makes me wonder if they would still be this into style if they hadn't of gotten on TV?

Anonymous said...

dear lily and ellie, i love the duggars , but can i get some info?

Anonymous said...

jessa,jill,jinger all look so young! but still just as pretty

Anonymous said...

WOW! i love this clip! but i still think that the oldest to youngest.

Anonymous said...

When other shows are on their is a small icon that pops up that says they will be returning this August..they didn't say what date nor have they aired a commercial but I have seen the icon pop up when I'm watching other shows on tlc

Anonymous said...

I'm the same height as Jinger

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