Monday, December 26, 2011

Two-Year Anniversary

Celebrating the two-year anniversary of the Duggar Family Blog! Thanks to all of our loyal readers!

Our goal is to maintain an uplifting website where you can find the latest, factual information about Jim Bob and Michelle and their delightful children.

Proud to serve you,
Lily and Ellie    

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Sheila(UK) said...

Congratulations on your second anniversary! This is the best site for up to date info on the Duggars anywhere on the internet. It is always written in a respectful.kind way towards one of the nicest families around. There are so many sites that are not only negative but downright hateful towards these lovely people.
I live in the UK and have been following the Duggars since the very first show(14 kids and pregnant again) and I absolutely love them.
I have both their books,their DVD's and have seen every episode except one.
I love big families and am also a fan of the Bates and the Jeubs.
I post comments on these sites as well from time to time.
I have a friend here in the UK who has 17 children and they are also homeschooled.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Thank You so much for doing this blog I read it every day and take joy in it every day!

Matthew said...

Thank you guys for keeping this blog up, I really appreciate it!


Johanna said...

Happy Anniversary to you both :-)! I still check the Duggars offcicial blog too, but ofcourse they haven't got as much time to update it often.

Anonymous said...

I Love this blog! It is one of my favorites because you keep us updated with whats going on with the Duggars!

Jessica said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Michelle, a heart at home said...

Happy Anniversary! I much prefer your site for information about the Duggar family and appreciate the positive nature of your blog. :-)

Eeyore Fan said...

Happy 2 year anniversary! Thank you for creating the blog and sharing facts about the Duggars! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Two-Year Anniversary!! That is exciting! I love your blog! You do such a good job keeping it up-to-date! I visit it everyday, and I have enjoyed it so much! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!!!


tinkerbell said...

I like the blog . I would like to know "what are the duggar family plans for 2012?" Do they plan to try again for #20? Will there be another duggar girl wedding in 2012? When will the new duggar family episodes air in 2012 on tlc? I think Michelle duggar is good mom she has lots of Christian faith. The family seems happy and they agree. Tinkerbell

Brenda from Texas said...

Ellie and lily don't know if ur sisters or mother daughter or friends but u guys make a great team keep up the good work on this blog happy 2 yr anniversary god bless u both and to all the readers who enjoy this blog as much as I do !!!! Brenda from Texas

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Brenda!

Thanks for your kind words! We are a mother-daughter team.

We are thankful to have you as a reader!
Lily and Ellie

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