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Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Episodes in 2012!

Unless TLC has a surprise up their sleeve, new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting (soon to be 20 Kids and Counting) will return in 2012. For a schedule of reruns, visit our Showtimes page

Are you looking forward to the return of the Duggars?

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Lucy said...

Eagerly my family waits for new episodes. One of my daughters loves to watch the show's reruns too. We have a lot of fun watching and discussing.

I had no idea that the Duggars went to Space Camp. I'm guessing that TLC had that set up and it just so happened that Michelle and Josie were still in Israel. Even so, the rest of the family had to take off for their help event and then Space Camp.

How did you find out they went to Space Camp? How fun to know these things.

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Lucy!

We wrote a post in September about the Duggars' visit to Space Camp. You can read that here:

We also blogged about their partnership with Habitat for Humanity (before Space Camp):

Have a great day!
Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

They went to space camp when they partnered with Habitat for humanity. But the space camp part will probably air in the upcoming season as i read somewhere.

Unknown said...

I am really looking forward to a new season a long with a new baby!

Anonymous said...

my half cousin caitlin had her baby emmalynn today, and i cant wait when the duggar's find out if they are going have a boy or a girl i hope its a girl.


Godly-Young-Widow said...

Yes! Eagerly looking forward to finding out the gender of this little one, and name ideas. Wondering how much attention Priscilla's engagement will get on the show.(I expect minimum, so it would be a pleasant surprise to see the wedding) And always up for updates on the older ones' doings. I'm reading their new book now and am really encouraged by it. Oh yeah; Josie will be 2 soon. Once Michelle is further along than she was with her, we can all rejoice.

Annette M. Lindsey said...

Yes,Never miss. Wishing there was more on TV that I could watch with any age in my family.

Johanna said...

I've recorded all their shows (as far as they've been on TV here in Britain, we're about a season or two behind) and my daughters LOVE watching it. It is so nice to be able to let them watch something without worrying there may be bad behaviour or bad language!

jill b said...

yes but we have not seen the last one in england ,love to see them in cornwall some time they would love the interesting history here

Anonymous said...

WE are all anxiously awaiting their return!!

We can't wait to fnid out what the baby is. My girls are hoping for another girl! My boys want a boy.

Love Mrs P

Anonymous said...

Priscilla Keller is ENGAGED?? How did yall find out? When. And please describe....

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Anonymous! (at 9:46 PM on Dec 2)

One of our loyal readers shared the information with us. Priscilla Keller and David Waller were engaged on November 16th and are planning for a February 4th wedding.

~Lily and Ellie

Natures Colours said...

What a joy to follow your lovely family. I'm a mother of four and grandmother of 8. Congratulations to Jim Bob and Michelle on the upcoming new addition. From Kathy Kidman, Oromocto, New Brunswick Canada

Unknown said...

I can't wait until the next season starts and with a new baby it will be very interesting. Josie will have a new brother and sister to play with. Michelle and Jim Bob are blessed to have twenty kids and two grandchildren.

Kelley said...

This blog post is a great way to add the comment showing the official announcement of Priscilla Keller and David Waller's engagement.


A while back I emailed Lily and Ellie about the news and suggested it would be a neat blog post idea, they responded and suggested I post the announcement in the comments to share with all the blog readers. Here is the post and sorry for the delay.


I thought what a great way to report the news under this title, with hopes that the new 2012 season include a possible mention of this courtship/engagement/marriage, and maybe we learn a little more about Anna's family.


So, without further ado, here it is:

"David Waller & Priscilla Keller were engaged November 16th and are happily planning for a February 4th, 2012 wedding! Congratulations to you both and may the Lord bless your wedding preparations!

For more information, visit their website:"


The announcement was first officially made by close friends of Anna Keller and David Waller.

Kelley said...

Other news, but never officially announced:

Susanna Keller is also engaged. No official announcement made. Her boyfriend is a MMA fighter.

Anonymous said...

yea! when exactly will they be back?

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Anonymous! (at 3:57 PM on Dec)

TLC hasn't yet announced a start date. Keep in mind that the season ended just over a week ago, and the breaks between season are usually several weeks long. We will keep you all posted :)

~Lily and Ellie

DeLaine said...

I missed the last episode on the 2011 season, can't wait until the 2012 season starts. It is so wonderful to watch a TV show that does NOT have all the foul language, nearly nude actors and children being so mean and disrespectful. I love the Duggers and their respect for God, God's Word and the way they are raising their children.

Anonymous said...

I love watching the show. Cannot wait to see what 2012 brings for their beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

I sure am hoping to see another season....AND hoping that it will be called 20 kids and counting, because Jubilee COUNTS!

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