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Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Discussion

The Duggars celebrate Christmas. We are curious to hear what holiday you celebrate! Go ahead and post your response as a comment. And if you would like, tell us your favorite holiday tradition.

~Lily and Ellie  

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Jennica said...

We celebrate Christmas. Christ's birth and the true meaning of giving.

Our tradition...Backing! all the guys in my life know that they will be getting a "goodie bag" for Christmas, and look forward to it too. Also little homemade ornaments for friends and family.

MusicGirl23 said...

I am Christian, so we do celebrate Christmas. The past 3 or so Christmases it has been relatively low key, having dealt with, in 2009, my mom being very ill with recently diagnosed cancer, in 2010, grieving her death in November, and then this year, with me struggling with something as yet to be fully diagnosed. But, I am grateful for the many blessings that I have, including that I am slowly beginning to return to normal-I was actually able to play my flute for about 20 minutes tonight after being silent for more than 2 weeks since everything fell apart-and will be rejoicing in the miracle of Christmas tomorrow and sunday, while sharing a christmas lunch with some family friends, my dad and my sister.

rickaver said...

I don't understand why people celebrate the "winter solstice". It's merely the day of the year that has the greatest amount of darkness. I myself don't celebrate the darkness. I celebrate the Light.

Bayley said...

My family and I celebrate Christmas. We have a special Polish Christmas Eve Dinner. It is called Wigilia (pronounced vi'gilja). It consists of a seven course meal, which is similar to the Italians. We have cream of mushroom soup, creamed herring (the Polish people call it slega), salmon (we bread ours, but you don't have to), pierogies, crepe (it is called naliesniki and is filled with dried cottage chesse), wild rice, and dried apricots and prunes. Naliesniki is pronounced naleshniki. We also break oplatki, which is an unleavened Christmas wafer and dip it in honey. We give the oplatki to someone and say what we wish for them for the next year.
After the dinner, we open presents from the relatives and exchange gifts from the adult grab bag. When you graduate from college, you are then put into the adult grab bag.

Sara said...

Well, in down-under the 22nd was the day which had the most light, rickaver.

Sheila(UK) said...

We focus on Jesus,family and giving rather than receiving.
We try not to get involved in the commercial aspect of Christmas and we try to keep things simple.
Being thankful for what we have is important all year round but especially at this time of year.It is good to remember that,as Christians,we have been given the greatest gift of all in Jesus.
Happy Christmas to you Lily and Ellie and thanks for this blog.
Happy Christmas Duggars!

Anonymous said...

rickaver, Winter Solstice isn't the celebration of darkness. It's the celebration of light, the "rebirth" of the sun.

Johanna said...

We usually go to church, cook a special Christmas lunch, watch the Queen's Christmas message and then unwrap our presents. Wishing the Duggar family, and everybody who reads this a very merry Christmas!!!

Unknown said...

I like to spend time with loved ones! I try to buy gifts for family if I can! Last year Christmas wasn't that to interesting because my step Dad passed away! This year we have gifts and a big meal to make! I want to drag everyone to church for a Mid-night mass because it is Jesus's birthday!

Anonymous said...

I celebrate Yule and the Winter soloist. Blessed be

Anonymous said...

We celebrate Christmas from a cultural sense, and Hanukkah too (I am cultural Catholic and Jewish and my husband was raised Evangelical Protestant, but we do not practice any of those faiths as adults) and the Solstice as well, the latter having the most spiritual significance to me personally thought I can see so much beauty and wonder in all of the winter holidays. So wonderful, that, in some way, they are all celebrating light. To me, it seems they are really all saying the same thing, just looking at it through a different lens :) Oh, and we also Celebrate New Years Eve and Day.
Happy Holidays to all!

Anonymous said...

Shalom! Hunnakah

Claudia Blanton said...

we celebrate the solstice, I am pagan but I really enjoy watching the Duggars - we homeschool our kids (we only have two). I always wanted a large family, but we ended up only with two precious ones. Thanks for this blog - I love being able to find all things Duggar in one place! Brightest Blessings!

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