Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Duggars Make a Difference" Recap

On this week's episode of "19 Kids and Counting..."
  • After touring the Mayan ruins, Jim Bob and his eleven oldest headed to a local Honduran restaurant for lunch.
  • Back at home, Amy, Priscilla Keller, Anna, and Grandma Duggar took the little ones to a reptile museum, where they held frogs, pet tarantulas, and touched pythons. Believe it or not, Michelle says that the house is quieter without the older ones.
  • The Duggars' week in Honduras came to an end, and there were tears as the girls said their goodbyes to the friends they had made. It was especially difficult for Jill. "It was just like she was leaving part of her there" said Jim Bob.
  • Jim Bob and the kids visited with the governor of the province of El Salvador where they were staying. She told them where they could find people in the most need. Taking action on her words, the Duggars took a boat across Lake Ilopango to bring Christmas to a village devastated by a recent earthquake.
Would you enjoy visiting a reptile museum?

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Andi Vandever said...

My class is studying the Mayas so I wish i could have seen it :) :(

Anonymous said...

No I would not enjoy going to a reptile museum because I do not like reptiles.

Anonymous said...

No way! Just watching was enough for me! Isn't Johanna a hoot, holding that snake! She's so adorable! Another great episode!

DuggarFamFan08 said...

I loved this episode! SO much! It made my Husband and I almost cry when we saw Jill crying..she is so sweet and has such a BIG heart. Man, I wish she could be my best frined. :( She is so awesome! I look up to her!


Lynsey said...

I would not like to visit a reptile museum. i get the creepys just thinking about it!

Jill is so sweet. I like how each Duggar child is so different and unique.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger I would have been scared to death of all those reptiles, not to mention that huge spider. Now, thanks to NatGeo, I would be comfortable with the reptiles but, with the spider? Not so much!

Priscilla is a womderful woman. I keep hoping John David will one day think so, too. They would make an amazing pair with their 'go for it' personalities.

Happy birthday, Josh!

Libby said...

Jill seems like such a sweetheart. I wish I could have a buddy like her. She looks like she would be a good friend.

No reptile museum for me though I don't mind snakes as much as toads, frogs and fish.

Abi McGraw said...

Sure! Those things are pretty cool!

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