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Monday, March 21, 2011

"Duggars in the Zone" Recap

On tonight's episode of "19 Kids and Counting..."

  • Josh and Anna made a failed attempt to purchase their second car lot from the bank they were renting from. Soon after, the bank told them to leave the property. To keep their business open as long as possible, the Duggars gave themselves eight hours to move everything off the lot. Were they successful? We'll see!
  • Josh's siblings, Priscilla Keller, and a friend from Jana and John-David's mission trip showed up to lend a hand. When it came to moving the 50-some cars, boy was Josh thankful that five of his sisters and brothers can drive! Everyone admitted that the moving party was rather fun, and they finished the job with less than ten minutes to spare, but the hardest part was just beginning. Where on Earth would they put all the extra cars?
  • After purchasing an abandoned restaurant, nicknamed the Taco Lot, Josh went before Springdale's zoning committee. His request to turn the property into a dealership was denied.
  • The last flicker of hope was a meeting with the city council, but Josh and Anna weren't the only ones holding their breath. Since starting their business, they had hired two new salesmen, each of whom has a family of his own to support. To lighten the mood, the couple took their employees out for an appreciation dinner. 
  • What was the verdict of the city council meeting? The Duggars' request for rezoning was granted! "Only by God's grace," announced Josh. 
  • Wondering why Josh and Anna suddenly decided to buy a pet cat? One word: mice. "I don't really like an inside cat," said Josh. "But Anna doesn't really like inside mice, so we had to come up with a compromise."
Have you ever had problems with mice? What did you do about them?

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happygardener21 said...

We'd had mice twice. The first time, I actually SAW the mouse sitting in the kitchen drawer when I opened it! The second time I only saw 'evidence' and a chewed up loaf of bread. Yuck! Both times were in the late fall/early winter. Luckily they must have been in the early stages of invading my house as they were easily gotten rid of within a few days. I had to disinfect the kitchen twice, and all the utensils, and stuff in it, before I felt it was clean. Yuck!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rat poison takes care of our mice problem when we aren't home, and our three cats take care of our mice problem when we are. ;)

Tina said...

This was a good episode, very intense! I think when my Husband and I were up there last month, I think we drove by the second location, not Taco Tico, but...the other place. (Not champion motorcars either) And on this episode all of the cars were swiped and taken over to the other place...but what leaves me going, "hmm?" Is that when we were there, there were a few cars back on that location and it looked just like a car lot again...

Alexis E. said...

I am so happy that the car dealership was approved. Sometimes it takes a lot of faith that things will work themselves out. Here's to a successful new location!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that it was approved! It can be hard to trust in God when things don't go well--what a great example!

kinli said...

I noticed that next week is their season Finale. Why is the start of this season so short? They started it back in January. Will they back in the fall? I mean some of the season had a ton of epiosodes on it so I don't know why this one doesn't.

Lily and Ellie said...

Unless TLC has something up their sleeve, next week's episode is the winter season finale. Network TV seems to be shortening the seasons of their shows across the board. When we find out the start time of the next season of "19 Kids and Counting," we will let you all know.

Thanks for reading!
~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

Kate Plus eight is taking the Duggar's timeslot in April.

happygardener21 said...

I just emailed TLC asking why the show is on so late, why the season is so short, and requesting more Duggar seasons. Maybe if others did the same we'd be ensured of more Duggar episodes in the future!

Anonymous said...

My house was recently renovated.The mouse got in from the cracks of a house with just sheets of wood on the side.We had at least 5 mice in the house for months untill all the renovations were done.We used lots of mouse poision and peanutbutter on mouse traps.Mice seem to love peanutbutter for some reason.

Rachel said...

I have never had a mouse problem and if I ever do I will pack my bags and go. I cant stand mice! I heard Kate Plus eight is taking over to! Well, I do like that show.

Kathryn said...

When will this episode be on again?
I was outof state for my grandma's funral.

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Kathryn,

Right now, there are no scheduled reruns of this episode. TLC schedules its episodes about 2 weeks in advance.

So sorry for the loss of your grandma.

~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

One time we were in our kitchen and our cat Millie pulled a mouse out of our pantry! It was terrible to think it had been in our food! But right now I have two pet lab mice. I only think mice are cute when their in a cage!!

Anonymous said...

We have had mice in the past and used some de-con, it does kill them but they start stinking for about a week and if they are in your walls you are basically out of luck. We have a blind cat who can still catch mice at almost 16 years old.
I myself, and especially my friend would rather see more Duggars on t.v. It is nice to see how a REAL family should love and respect each other. Mondays are going to be very boring now.
God Bless the Duggars,
Deb and Joan

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