Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jeremy Surprises Jinger (Again!)

In case you missed last night's show, check out this video clip of the moment when Jeremy Vuolo walks in the room to surprise Jinger. (Click here to read our recap.) Now we know y'all are a little disappointed that there wasn't a different special guest (in addition to Jeremy, of course). But we hope that watching this reunion puts a smile on your face.

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Baby Seewald to Arrive in 14 Weeks

Jessa Seewald is just shy of her 26-week milestone in her pregnancy with baby No. 2! The photo on the right shows her baby bump now, and the one on the left was taken when she was 25 weeks and four days along with Spurgeon.

The Seewalds say they might end up announcing the gender to their family (and to the world), but they also may choose to keep it under wraps until the birth, as they did last time around. What's your guess...boy or girl?

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Recap: 'The After Show'

Counting On "The After Show"
  • The Duggar siblings are in Nashville, Tennessee, with cinematographer and producer Scott Enlow. (This segment was filmed about eight weeks ago.)
  • As the siblings watch a clip showing FLAME’s visit to Arkansas, Derick asks Ben whether he would be interested in making his own hip hop album. Ben says that’s not where his talents lie, but he does agree to “spit some bars” for the camera.
  • Scott Enlow asks the Dillards to share the scariest moment they have experienced in Central America. “Every week, it seems like there would be different instances,” says Jill. One night, Jill and Derick heard a loud crash while they were getting ready for bed. Derick told Jill to take Israel into the bathroom, which is their safe room. The sound ended up being something that had fallen, but it definitely spooked the Dillards.
  • Jessa says that when she is down in Central America visiting, she hears gunshots frequently. “I can’t imagine being home alone with a little one and hoping that your husband makes it back every night,” says Jessa.
  • “We’re willing to take that risk because of what’s at stake,” says Derick. “We want to help those people. You’ve got to educate yourself constantly on the situation.”
  • In a clip from the season, the Duggars announce that many of them don’t enjoy sharing food or drinks. “I think because there’s a lot of us in our family, that’s why we’re germaphobes,” says Jill. “Not the other way around.”
  • The next topic is the siblings’ experience at survival camp. Jill says that her life down in Central America is similar to the surroundings at survival camp. She relies on her Eagle Scout husband for safety. 
  • After watching a clip showing the newly redesigned guesthouse, the girls admit that their dad is often on edge about their renovation projects. They say he has to “warm up” to their ideas. "If we ever tell him we're going to redo something in the house, he's like, just don't paint my walls, don't paint my trims, don't paint my cabinets," says Jessa.
  • The surprise guest turns out to be Jeremy Vuolo. He shows up at the studio with a bouquet of roses and completely catches his fiancĂ©e off guard. "Oh my goodness!" exclaims Jinger. "This is the best thing ever! I can't believe you."
  • Jinger loves surprises and says that Jeremy is great at orchestrating them. "I enjoy a good surprise," adds Jessa. "And I try not to meddle too much, if I know that Ben's planning something and he wants to do something to surprise me."
  • Jill, on the other hand, does not usually like to be caught off guard. "Her first reaction would be to get mad first because she didn't know, then she would be happy afterwards," laughs Jessa.
  • Scott Enlow plays the clip where Jim Bob tells Jeremy how expensive Jinger's thrift shopping habit can be. Jeremy says that he and Jinger have similar styles, so it will be completely fine if she goes shopping, as long as she's frugal.
  • Scott asks Jinger and Jeremy if they plan to start a family immediately after marriage. "We really are just looking to the Lord to see what he provides, and so, we'll see," shares Jeremy. "Expecting by the end of the year," Derick jokes. The look on Jinger's face shows that she's not too keen on that idea.
  • Jeremy, Ben, and Derick watch the clip in which Jeremy asks Jim Bob for permission to court Jinger. "I don't have food on my mind," says Jeremy, reliving the moment. "I just want to talk to him, but he orders this big chocolate muffin. He's just chowing down on that thing. He's hungry."
  • Jeremy discusses the courtship standards that he and Jinger came up with. "Jinger and I are both very affectionate," admits Jeremy. "It means a lot to have an arm around or something, and so that's how we express our affection. We have a clean conscience, as long as it's not leading us into impurity..."
  • Spurgeon and Israel come on set for a few moments to say hi before Grandma C (Derick's mom) takes then back to another room to continue playing. 
  • Next, Scott shows a clip from Jeremy's proposal. "I was just so overwhelmed with joy," says Jinger. "This is this moment I've...asked God for...I was just so grateful." Jinger plans to move her belongings to Laredo before the wedding so she and Jeremy can go straight there after the honeymoon.
  • Jessa and Ben have put adoption on the back burner for the time being, but they say they would "love to add to [their] family soon" and "will see how God opens that door." The expectant parents plan to find out the gender of their baby, but they say they might not tell the rest of the family. 
  • Scott asks Jill and Derick if a pregnancy could alter their plans to return to Central America. "Yeah, it does play into that," says Derick. "We can make all of our plans, but ultimately, God is going to direct our steps, and we rest in that." Jill says they are actively trying to have another baby and that she has taken many pregnancy test but is not expecting (yet).
  • What's on the horizon for Jana? She recently purchased an old tattoo parlor and has plans to renovate it. "It's kind of been on hold, just because we have other projects..." she says. "Hopefully, maybe over the winter time we will start on that."
  • Joy, who just graduated from high school, has been doing online Bible classes, although she does not plan to go to full-on college. 

Jim Bob's 50-page Questionnaire

Tonight's new episode of Counting On is sure to be interesting! The Duggar siblings sit down with cinematographer and producer Scott Enlow, who has been working with the family since the early days of their reality TV show, to recap season two and chat about what it means to be part of the supersized Duggar clan. (Schedule and new sneak peek video below.)

Now that Jeremy Vuolo has been shown in a preview for tonight's episode, do y'all still think he is the surprise guest, or do you think TLC has someone else in store?

Tuesday, October 25
7:30pm ET: Jessa's Announcement (Recap)
8pm ET: The After Show (NEW)
The family comes together to relive some of the most memorable moments from season 2. Plus, before the reunion is over, there is a surprise guest in store for the cast. 
11pm ET: The After Show

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Monday, October 24, 2016

'Counting On' After Show

Tomorrow evening on a new episode of Counting On, the Duggar siblings meet up with cinematographer and producer Scott Enlow in Tennessee to look back on season two and discuss the future (video clip below). And before the show is over, a surprise guest arrives on set! Who do you think it will be? Go ahead and post your guesses as a comment.

Will this be the season finale? Nope! The network still has more footage to share. (Stay tuned for more info.)

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