Thursday, March 5, 2015

1st Photo of GrandDuggar #5

Here are a few snapshots of the gender reveal celebration that Josh and Anna Duggar had with their three kids--Mackynzie Duggar, Michael Duggar, and Marcus Duggar--for baby #4. We also included the first picture of the baby's face, captured during Anna's 20-week ultrasound.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

37 Weeks...

This will be one of the last (and perhaps the very last) photos of Jill Dillard's baby bump. She is 37 weeks pregnant. Baby Dilly is getting ready to make his big debut. Jill and Derick plan to have a home birth but have not announced how much of it will be filmed. Stay tuned!

Jill (Duggar) Dillard, 37 weeks pregnant

Message from Josh and Anna

On Monday, Josh and Anna Duggar announced the gender of their fourth child. Here is another gender reveal video, in which Anna discusses how Jill has helped her through her pregnancy:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Recap: "Invites & Ride-Alongs" and "Wedding Prep & Pies"

19 Kids and Counting "Invites and Ride-Alongs"
  • Michelle spends quality time with John-David and learns how to operate an excavator and a dump truck. "John-David is very patient, and he is a good instructor," says the mom of 19, who makes a point to spend one-on-one time with each of her kids.
  • Jinger says John is steady, quiet, and easy-going. Michelle calls him tenderhearted.
  • Jessa and Ben ask Josh, who does graphic design as a hobby, to design their wedding invitations. Josh agrees. While he works, Mackynzie and Michael design their own invitations using construction paper and colored Popsicle sticks. Josh sends a few options to the future Mr. and Mrs. Seewald, and they select their favorite.
  • Jill prepares dessert and a care package for Derick's mom, Cathy, who is going to Omaha, Nebraska, for five weeks of treatment that will hopefully prevent her cancer from returning. (Update: Cathy is doing very well, and her doctors say her healing is nothing short of a miracle.)
  • Constable John-David takes Jim Bob on a ride-along in his police car. "We'll see if my dad follows the rules," says John. In case you are wondering, a constable is a police officer with less authority and a smaller jurisdiction than a sheriff. John-David was sworn in as constable in January 2013.
  • John-David stops to help an officer who has pulled someone over in a gas station parking lot. He instructs Jim Bob to stay in the car, but the Duggar dad slips out and buys food at the convenience store.  
  • "It looks like you got out of the car," says John, jokingly. "We've got to keep our strength up," responds Jim Bob, holding a package of donuts and two bottles of Gatorade.
  • The ride-along turns out to be uneventful, but Jim Bob enjoys spending time with his son.
19 Kids and Counting "Wedding Prep and Pies"
  • Michelle helps Jason and James make pies (also called casseroles) that they hope receive Jessa and Ben's stamp of approval for the rehearsal dinner.  "Jason and James, their cooking style is more for survival," says Michelle. "It's not for appearance of the food..."
  • "The pies that Jason and James made were amazing," says Jessa.
  • In Washington D.C., Josh prepares egg sandwiches for his family. Then, the Duggar dad takes Mackynzie and Michael to a nearby music store for their first music lessons.
  • Mackynzie is thrilled to learn to play her tiny violin, and Michael smiles as he has his first piano lesson. Afterwards, the kids enjoy trying out a drum set.
  • Ben is designing a wedding band for Jessa that he will surprise her with on their wedding day. He takes the sketches to White's Jewelry, and Jinger brings Jessa's engagement ring. "When it's all finished, I can't wait to see her face when I slide it on her finger," says Ben.
  • Later, the Duggar girls head to Flowerama, a local flower shop. Jessa admits she doesn't know much about flowers. "Jessa doesn't really have a plan just yet for her flowers," says Jana.
  • The employees at Flowerama show the Duggars how to make bouquets. "Our parents have encouraged us to gain as many life skills as we can," says Jessa.
  • The little girls especially enjoy blowing into the flowers to make them open up.
  • "These last moments together as sisters are kind of bittersweet," says Jana. "We are definitely cherishing these moments and just enjoying making these memories together before Jessa gets married."

New Episodes Tonight

Tune in to TLC tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT for two new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting (summaries and sneak peek videos below).

9pm ET/8pm CT
19 Kids and Counting “Invites and Ride-Alongs”
With only a few weeks until matrimony, Jessa and Ben ask Josh to design their wedding invitations, which will be sent to 800 families. Meanwhile, John-David spends time with mom Michelle, giving her a lesson on operating construction equipment. And Jill puts together a sweet gift for Derick's mom as she leaves for a 5-week cancer treatment. Later, John-David takes Jim Bob on a police ride-along but soon realizes that his dad may be the one in trouble with the law.

9:30pm ET/8:30pm CT
19 Kids and Counting “Wedding Prep and Pies”
Wedding preparation is underway in the Duggar house. Jason and James put together a winning recipe for the rehearsal dinner. Will Jessa and Ben be on board with their culinary creation? The family gets artistic when Ben designs the perfect wedding ring for Jessa, and the girls visit a local florist to learn about making bouquets for their Duggar-sized wedding party. And back in DC, Josh takes his little ones to their first music lesson.

Mackynzie and Michael Duggar Help with Wedding Invitations

Ben Seewald Designs a Ring with Jinger Duggar