Monday, May 4, 2015

Girls' Room: Before and After

What do you think of the Duggar girls' new room? It had been bright yellow since the family built their house more than eight years ago. After Jill and Jessa moved out, the seven gals still living at home decided it was time for a change. Michelle's childhood friend Cindy came over and helped them choose new paint colors and decorations. The walls are now burnt orange, dark gray, and light gray.

*Tune in to TLC tonight at 8pm ET/7pm CT for a three-hour recap of the Duggar births that have been televised over the past decade.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Video: Redecorating the Girls' Room

See what happens when Michelle's childhood friend Cindy comes over to help the Duggar girls redecorate their room.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Preview "Jill's Special Delivery"

A two-hour special of 19 Kids and Counting featuring Israel David Dillard's birth airs on Tuesday at 8pm ET/7pm CT (video preview below).

Josie is thrilled to give her crib to Jill and Derick to prepare for the baby's arrival. "It's probably a little unusual for an aunt to pass down her crib to a nephew," admits Jim Bob, chuckling.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

'The Multiplication Process Has Begun'

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar joined Tina Jennings on the KGUN 9 Tucson Morning Blend this week to talk about babies, courtships, and the next generation of Duggars (YouTube video below).

"I've heard people say how wonderful it is to have those grandchildren," says Michelle Duggar. "It is like ten times better than what they said."

Giveaway: "The Founders' Bible"

Every evening, Josh and Anna Duggar and their kids gather for devotions. "It is a sweet time for our family to talk and share our hearts and to learn about God together," Anna told us in a recent interview. 

The D.C. Duggars read through The Children's Story Bible by Catherine F. Vos, which Anna highly recommends. Now, Josh is reading The Founders' Bible to his wife and kids. The Founders' Bible is a New American Standard Bible that features American history.

Signature historian David Barton sets the record straight, unveiling the true and forgotten history of America’s founding and the unwavering commitment our Founders had to the importance of the Word of God.

"Mackynzie loves history," says Anna. "It might be above our kids' level, but when you read something that wasn't written in children's form, if you read it in an excited tone with a lot of drama, the children will sit there and ask questions and catch onto quite a bit. It's amazing what kids can learn."

WallBuilders and David Barton have graciously given us a copy of The Founders' Bible to raffle off to one of our readers. Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below to enter this giveaway. 

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