Saturday, September 24, 2016

Israel Orders His Own Meal

Israel Dillard is less than two weeks away from his 18-month milestone! For those who haven't heard, Jill and Derick Dillard are back in the States for an extended visit. They have been enjoying time with family, as well as preparing for two upcoming weddings.

Yesterday while at a restaurant with "Mima" (Derick's mom, Grandma Cathy Dillard Byrum), the Dillards ordered Israel his own meal for the first time. The little guy looks quite proud of himself.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Jana Duggar's Eye Makeup Tutorial

We know how much you all enjoy beauty videos from the Duggar gals! TLC just posted this eye makeup tutorial, in which Jana Duggar shows how she applies eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara, using Joy-Anna Duggar as a model. Do you wear eye makeup?

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Snapshots of Spurgeon

Spurgeon Seewald is just six weeks away from his first birthday, and in five months, he will be a big brother! Here are a few new pictures of little "Spurge"...

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 Spurgeon Seewald

 Jessa Seewald and Spurgeon Seewald

Ben Seewald and Spurgeon Seewald

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Spurgeon Learns to Rap

On last night's episode of Counting On, Jessa and Ben Seewald enjoy a visit from Christian hip-hop artist FLAME and his wife, Crystal. Before heading over to hang out with the Duggars, the Seewalds and their friends stop at a music store. Jessa and Ben look at keyboards, while FLAME teaches Spurgeon Seewald how to rap (video below).

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Recap: 'A Big Surprise'

Counting On "A Big Surprise"
  • Jeremy and Jinger have been communicating directly for two months and have been officially courting for three weeks. Two days after Jinger returns from her first trip to Laredo, Jeremy arrives in Arkansas to surprise her. 
  • Ben picks Jeremy up from the airport, and Jeremy asks Jim Bob to meet at White's Jewelry. "I really respect him," Jeremy says of his future father-in-law. "I respect how he's handled everything, and so I want to keep him in the know. I don't want to do anything behind his back. It is his daughter."
  • The producer asks the Duggar siblings how soon after starting a relationship it is appropriate to buy an engagement ring:
    • Jedidiah: "Three months, four months"
    • Josiah: "Three weeks is really short. I would say that's way too short."
  • "Honestly, I've been thinking about the engagement ring for a good few weeks here because it really has been a longer relationship," shares Jeremy. "It's been over a year since I've known her, and we've spent some really quality time..."
  • As Jeremy enters the store, he informs Mr. White that he is "just browsing," but he ends up finding a princess cut ring that he absolutely loves. It also happens to be Jinger's size (5.5). "I really do like this one," says Jeremy. "I don't want to let it go."
  • Before he goes any further, Jeremy sends a picture of the ring to his mom. "[My parents] love Jinger. If she could one day be my wife, I think they would be very happy."
  • After much thought, Jeremy decides to request an appraisal of the ring. "I think I found the ring for Jinger," he says. "It really does scream 'Jinger' to me, and Mr. Duggar felt so, and Ben affirmed, so I think it's the one."
  • Jim Bob thanks Jeremy for including him in the purchase of the ring. 
  • Meanwhile, Jessa and Jinger head over to Tacos 4 Life. Jeremy and Ben plan to arrive after the ladies have been seated and bring their food to the table. 
  • "It feels like we've been talking for forever, like I've known him all my life," Jinger shares with Jessa as they wait for their meal.
  • As Jeremy and Ben walk up to Jessa and Jinger's table, Jinger does a double-take, and then her jaw drops open. "Jeremy!" she exclaims, giving him several hugs.
  • Later, Jinger and Jeremy take the three graduates (Joy, Jedidiah, and Jeremiah) to an outdoor arcade to race go-carts and ride bumper boats. 
  • "It was the most amazing surprise ever, having Jeremy come into town and spending a couple extra days with him," says Jinger. "I don't know, next time he visits, if he will have another surprise!"
  • Christian hip-hop artist FLAME (aka Marcus Gray) and his wife, Crystal, come to Arkansas for a visit with the Seewalds. Ben, who has only grilled once, and FLAME, who has never used a barbecue, attempt to make dinner. Thankfully, it turns out well.
  • The following day, FLAME and Crystal visit a music store with Jessa and Ben, who have decided to purchase a keyboard so Jessa can teach their kids.
  • To bring FLAME out of his element, Jessa--who plays guitar, piano, mandolin, and violin--gives him a quick guitar lesson. The Seewalds don't end up buying a keyboard just yet.
  • After leaving the music store, the Grays and Seewalds head over to the Duggar home to visit Jessa's family. The kids perform a gospel song for their guests. 
  • When asked if they enjoy rap music, here's what the older siblings say:
    • Jedidiah: "Not really. Poetry's alright.
    • Jason: "Some people love it, just not me. It's not my style."
    • Josiah: "I prefer more things that are just instrumental."
    • Joy: "I don't think they use cello much in rap."
    • John-David: "The only wrap I do is when I eat a chicken wrap...maybe like a turkey wrap."
  • Before taking FLAME out to operate heavy machinery at one of Jim Bob's properties, Ben takes him to the family closet to find work clothes. (The family closet is now only used by the boys and the younger girls, while the older girls keep their clothing in their bedroom.)
  • "I definitely would say that FLAME is outside of his comfort zone going to this job site," says Ben, as FLAME learns how to use a backhoe. 
  • "FLAME actually did really well with the backhoe," says Jedidiah. "It's like playing a video game, so he was able to get that down."
  • Back at the house, the girls give Cyrstal a tour of Jana's garden. "Jana defintely has a green thumb," explains Jessa. "She doesn't skimp. Anything and everything, that girl's growing it." The garden is very large and contains squash, zucchini, corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and more.