Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Birthday and An Anniversary

Two days ago, Jim Bob Duggar celebrated his 52nd birthday, and Michelle Duggar shared 100 things she loves about her husband. These are just a few examples of what she wrote:

You help around the house.
You encourage me to draw closer to Jesus.
You are slow to anger.
You affirm me, and that means the world to me.
You are a thoughtful man.
You care about how I feel.
You show me respect.
You admit when you are wrong.
You have a learning spirit.
You read the Bible with your family.
You have encouraged our kids to be entrepreneurs.
You have bought & changed hundreds of diapers!
You have helped us learn from our mistakes or bad choices.
You still make my heart flutter when you greet me with a hug and kiss at the end of the day!

Tomorrow, Jim Bob and Michelle will celebrate 33 years of marriage! (Fun fact: their wedding anniversary falls exactly one month after Jill and Derick Dillard's.) Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo took to YouTube to share a combined birthday and anniversary message:

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New Season Summary

Have you heard the news? Counting On returns September 11th with a brand-new season! For those who are wondering why the upcoming season is being called season three by TLC, it's because the network has a different way of breaking up the episodes than other websites. (This current run of new episodes is officially season 2C.)

But all that matters is that there are more new episodes coming soon, don't you agree? And there is still one more episode in this "season," set to air next Monday. Scroll down to read the official season summary and watch the promo video.

Counting On jumps right back in where things left off last season. The wedding of Joy-Anna and Austin is rapidly approaching, and it’s all hands on deck to prepare for their special day. The young couple has many unchecked boxes on their to-do list, from picking the venue and the attire for the wedding party, to finding suitable d├ęcor and a wedding cake. 

While Joy-Anna and the girls take a trip to Kentucky in search of the perfect wedding dress, Austin somehow finds the time to renovate a house that will hopefully become the couple’s dream home (after some serious work). Of course, all the drama and work gets put on-hold for a joint bachelor-bachelorette party, where everyone will reconnect with nature on a camping adventure!

Just as wedding preparations are in full swing, Jessa, Ben, Spurgeon and Henry travel to San Antonio, Texas, to meet up with Jinger and Jeremy. The Vuolos can barely contain their excitement as they prepare to get to know little Henry. 

Viewers will see another Duggar courtship blossom between Joe and Kendra, culminating in a huge surprise during Joy-Anna and Austin’s wedding reception that just may have bells ringing again sooner than everyone thinks! With all these huge milestones brewing, the siblings can always count on each other for support.

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Birthday Message From Joe

In honor of Jim Bob Duggar's 52nd birthday yesterday, Joseph Duggar shared a video message for his dad. The 22-year-old, who is currently planning his wedding with Kendra Caldwell, says he hopes to emulate his father as he becomes a parent himself one day.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

'2 Henrys'

Jill and Derick Dillard have not yet released a video message announcing Samuel Scott Dillard's birth, but elated aunt Jessa Seewald has. In the clip below, she shares Israel Dillard's reaction to seeing his little brother for the first time.

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Duggar Dad Turns 52

Wishing Jim Bob Duggar a very blessed 52nd birthday!

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