Friday, February 15, 2019

Josiah and Lauren's House

Previously, Josiah and Lauren Duggar were planning to live in the 9,000-square-foot Baylor House while Jim Bob Duggar fixed it up to sell. But the Duggars have been busy with other projects and weren't able to make the house livable by the time Josiah and Lauren got married, so the newlyweds moved into a different house.

Get a glimpse of that house in the video below. Another new episode of Counting On is coming your way on Monday. It will feature Josiah and Lauren's honeymoon and more footage from Jinger Vuolo's birth.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Felicity and Gideon

Some of the Duggars--including the Forsyths, Jim Bob and Michelle, Jana, and the Seewalds--traveled down to Laredo, Texas, to visit Jinger and Jermey Vuolo. (In case you haven't heard, the Vuolos had their first service at their new church location on Sunday.)

Take a look at this adorable photo of cousins Felicity and Gideon. Do you see the resemblance? The two are five months apart. Gideon turns one in 10 days, while Felicity's birthday is in July.

Felicity Vuolo and Gideon Forsyth Duggar
Felicity Vuolo and Gideon Forsyth

Photo courtesy and Austin Forsyth

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Watch 'Love is in the Air'

Missed last night's season premiere episode of Counting On? It has been uploaded to the TLC website (link below). Due to geographical restrictions put in place by the network, some readers will be unable to watch. Depending on your internet/TV provider, you may or may not have to sign in with the login credentials given by your provider. To read our written recap, visit our post from yesterday evening.

Counting On "Love is in the Air"

Photo courtesy TLC

Monday, February 11, 2019

'Love is in the Air' Recap

Counting On "Love is in the Air"

  • Jinger’s due date is almost here, and she hopes to have Felicity soon so she can avoid having an especially large baby like some of her sisters. Jeremy cooks a spicy Indian dish to try to get things going. The spice is so strong that Jinger, Jeremy, and all the cameramen start coughing and sputtering.
  • Back in Arkansas, the other siblings try to stomach different levels of hot sauce. Jason wins the challenge.
  • John and Abbie have been courting for a couple months, and they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. “Within the first week, it was like we had already known each other forever,” says John, who introduced Abbie to the family as his “girlfriend” within two weeks of knowing her.
  • During their courtship, John has visited Abbie every weekend. “He’s very steady,” Abbie says of John. “Nothing much riles him. He likes to have fun.”
  • “The more I get to know Abbie, the more I love her,” says John.
  • Now it’s time for John to plan the proposal! He has enlisted the help of a photographer, Lori Blythe, who works near the Fredericksburg, Texas, airport, which is where John will propose.
  • On proposal day, John and Jana fly to Ada, Oklahoma. “Jana’s been my wing woman for years,” says John. “She’s been a great blessing to me.” 
  •  Meanwhile, Abbie and her twin sisters, Maggie and Carinna, are at home making peach salsa. “John is very romantic,” Abbie says of John. “He buys me flowers. He paints my nails.”
  • While Abbie is in the kitchen cooking, John walks up behind her and surprises her. John tells her to pack a bag so they can go on a journey.
  • While the group flies to Fredericksburg, photographer Lori is at the airplane hanger setting up for the proposal.
  • When they started their relationship, John and Abbie sat down to decide on their courtship standards. Their courtship is different than John’s siblings because they are allowing themselves to share more side hugs and show more affection than the others have. "Mine and Abbie's courtship standards have been slightly different than some of my siblings, although we all get to make the decision on what our standards are,” says John. 
  • When John, Abbie, Maggie, and Jana arrive at the Fredericksburg airport, they eat dinner at the Airport Diner, and then they walk over to the hanger, where everything is set up for the proposal. Jana and Maggie hang back, and John leads Abbie to a pile of rose pedals in the shape of a heart.
  • John and Abbie are both smiling and giggling as John shares a few words: "Life's been wonderful since about, May 6th. I wanted to know if you wanted to keep flying with me. I'm kind of wondering, wanting to know, do you have anything going for the next, say, rest of your life? Cause if you don't really have any big plans, I'd love for you to spend the rest of your life with me. Will you marry me?" 
  • “I would be honored to marry you," replies Abbie. The couple shares a few frontal hugs as they rejoice over what has just happened. John is giddy with excitement as he recounts the engagement. 
    Right after the big moment, the photographer does a photo session. “I think the world must have stopped at that moment cause I don't remember much except for John being there," says Abbie. 
  • During Jinger’s 38th week, the Seewalds, Jessa, Jana, and friend Laura arrive in Laredo to help the Vuolos set up the nursery. The first order of business is to remove the bed and move Jeremy’s soccer jerseys to the garage. The Vuolos have four bedrooms—a master, office, guest room, and now nursery.
  • “I wasn’t actually prepared for the jerseys to be removed…” says Jeremy. “I think I had flashbacks of my precious books being locked in a closet.”
  • When asked by the producer if she feels bad for Jeremy, Jana says: “No. He’s getting a girl added to his life. He’s getting his first daughter. That’s way more precious than your soccer jerseys.”
  • “I really don’t have a vision,” admits Jinger. “So that’s why I leave it to the girls.” The nursery theme will be Southwestern.
  • Later, Jinger and Jeremy travel to San Antonio for a visit with their midwife.
  • Jinger’s birth team will consist of Jeremy, Michelle, Jana, Laura, and Jeremy’s mom. Jeremy’s dad will be at the hospital but not in the room.
  • “I really wanted my mom there because she’s been through this countless times, and I think that would be one of the biggest comforts for me,” says Jinger.
  • Three days before Jinger’s due date, she heads to the hospital to be induced. “I am not nervous and anxious for her,” says Jeremy. “If anything, I’m anxious for myself. I hope I can…be the strength I need to be for her.”

John-David's Proposal

John-David Duggar proposal Abbie Burnett

"I wanted to know if you wanted to keep flying with me?"
-John-David Duggar

In this sneak peek at John-David Duggar's proposal to Abbie Burnett, the couple enjoys dinner at the Airport Diner before heading over to the airplane hanger for the big moment. Their chaperones are Jana Duggar and one of Abbie's sisters.

The new season premieres tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT on TLC. Come back to the blog after the show for our recap. 

Photo/video courtesy TLC