Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Dueling Duggars and Vuolos

Duggar Vuolo gender reveal party

Jeremy Vuolo: "If you are undesiring to crawl through [the child-sized tunnel]..."
Jim Bob Duggar: "Or you don't fit!"
Jeremy Vuolo: "...Or you don't fit, then you can have a pinch crawler for you."

Last night on Counting On, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo set up quite the obstacle course for their visiting family members. At the end, everyone says it was worth it because they were able to find out the gender of Baby Vuolo, but some of the activities are a bit embarrassing, as Jeremy puts it (video below).

Missed the episode? Click here to read our recap of the first hour (the Vuolos' gender reveal party and baby shower) and here to read our recap of the second hour (Josiah and Lauren's bachelor/bachelorette party and Garrett Duggar's arrival).

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Monday, September 24, 2018

'Kendra Has a Baby' Recap

Counting On "Kendra Has a Baby"

  • The Seewalds host a “dinner around the world” potluck, to which each couple brings a dish from the country they visited on their honeymoon. The Forsyths bring chocolate fondue, Joe and Kendra bring a Greek salad, and the Seewalds make chicken fettuccine alfredo (using Michelle’s recipe).
  • The three couples enjoy eating dinner and talking about life. At two-and-half months old, Gideon sleeps at least until 6am most nights.
  • Austin, a germophobe, announces that there will be no double dipping in the fondue or eating off the skewers. Ben also identifies as a germophobe and appreciates Austin’s announcement. “I have every intention of being the fondue gestapo,” says Austin. “I would probably even call my own mother out if she double dipped.”
  • “There were definitely rules about double dipping growing up in our family,” says Jinger. “You just don’t do that. That’s just disgusting.”
  • At the Duggar house, friends and family get together for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party for Josiah and Lauren. The Duggars have always loved playing foosball, so some of the brothers create a human foosball "table" in the backyard using hay bales and long metal rods. The game is co-ed, and it gets quite intense. Josiah and Lauren are the goalies, and Josiah’s team wins.
  • Ten days before her due date, Kendra is having strong, consistent contractions. Christina and Lauren (her mom and sister) come over to help her with breathing. Kendra has always had a tendency to hold her breath when she is in pain, so having others there to remind her to breathe is a blessing.
  • Christina and Lauren leave so Joseph and Kendra can try to sleep. At 2am, Kendra is feeling very uncomfortable, so they make the decision to leave for the hospital. The contractions are about two minutes apart.
  • Later that morning, Joe and Kendra are still waiting on Garrett’s arrival, so Kendra’s dad comes by to deliver food and provide encouragement.
  • When Kendra is 8cm dilated, the doctor comes in to break her water, and contractions speed up. She ends up being in labor for about 13 hours before starting to push. “It’s exciting because our baby is almost here, but also it’s a hard time because I have to see Kendra go through the hardest time of her life,” says Joe
  • Meanwhile, the siblings drop off dessert and banners at Joe and Kendra’s house. Soon after the baby is born, the proud parents bring him over to the big house to show him off.

'Jinger's Double Surprise' Recap

Counting On "Jinger's Double Surprise"

  • Jinger is 25 weeks pregnant, and she and Jeremy are setting up for a gender reveal party. It’s an obstacle course, and two teams will compete to make it to the light-up “Baby” sign first. The winning team will pull the cord on the sign to reveal the gender.
  • “My siblings, I think, have used nearly all the traditional baby gender reveal ideas, and so Jeremy and I have had to brainstorm to come up with something that’s unique,” says Jinger.
  • “We want fun, but we kind of want fun mixed with embarrassment,” adds Jeremy.
  • The Duggar family (minus Joe and Kendra and the Forsyths), Grandma Duggar, and Aunt Deanna, arrive in Laredo, as do Jeremy’s parents. Jim Bob is the captain of Team Pink, and Chuck Vuolo is the captain of Team Blue.
  • The obstacle course includes hula-hooping, “dizzy spinning” around a bat, hopping, a child-sized tunnel, and an ice cream eating competition. The ice cream part proves to be the most difficult for some, as they try to push through brain freezes. “I think I was eating the ice cream a little slow for Jessa’s liking,” admits Ben, who says he is “not super competitive.”
  • Jessa, on the other hand, is very fast. “It’s not really an amazing thing to be known for, but I can put away the food when there’s a time crunch,” she says.
  • Some of the older folks, like Jeremy’s dad, go through the tunnel, while others, like Jim Bob, opt to have a child go through on their behalf.
  • The pink team wins, so Jim Bob and Michelle get to pull the string to light up the sign. When it turns pink, everyone screams. Jinger and Jeremy spray pink silly string at the guests. “We’re more than ready to be grandparents for the first time,” says Chuck.
  • “I really thought it was going to be a girl,” says Jim Bob. “Anyway, I am just so pleasantly surprised, Michelle, and I’m so thankful for this little granddaughter.”
  • The following day, a friend in Laredo throws a surprise, co-ed baby shower for Jinger and Jeremy. Jana and Jessa tell Jinger that they want to take her shopping for baby clothes. While they are shopping, the friend calls to ask Jinger and Jeremy if they would come over to look at a crib that she has for them. When they pull into the driveway and Jinger sees a taco truck and pink decorations, she realizes that something is going on.
  • “Jinger is very easy to surprise,” says Jessa. “She just kind of goes with the flow. It’s just easy to pull things over on her. She just doesn’t catch on very easily.”
  • The house and yard are FILLED with pink decorations and treats. Chuck shares a short message, and Jim Bob leads a prayer. When it comes time to open gifts, the Vuolos are blown away at how many there are. They are very grateful for everything their friends and family have done for them.
  • “It is just amazing to get to be there with Jinger and Jeremy before the baby arrives, just having a peaceful time there,” says Jedidiah. “I think it just makes it special.”
  • In Arkansas, Kendra’s parents help Joe and Kendra prepare for the birth. Kendra is 36 weeks pregnant, and her mom is 12 weeks along with her eighth child. “It’s super neat to be expecting at the same time,” says Christina Caldwell. “But Kendra got married young, and so we were hoping that we could still have another baby or two, but at the same time, we’re content, so we’re excited.”
  • When Christina was pregnant with her first (Kendra), a car accident at 36 weeks caused her labor to begin. For the next three weeks, her labor was on and off leading up to Kendra’s arrival.
  • Paul and Joseph install the car seat and pump up the labor ball, while the ladies make a baby book and pack the hospital bag. After checking those items off the to-do list, Joe and Kendra say they feel ready for Garrett's arrival.
  • On another day, Joe and Kendra do a time test to see how long it takes them to grab their things and drive to the hospital. Kendra is hoping for an all-natural birth.
  • Joe makes sure to take plenty of snacks. “Joseph, when he gets nervous, he stress eats,” says Josiah. “I’ve seen this condition because actually I experience the same thing.” The entire process takes only 28 minutes during rush hour.

Fall Visit from the Vuolos

To kick off the fall season, Jinger and Jeremy enjoyed a visit from Jeremy's family. As he often does when he is in town, Jeremy's dad, also a pastor, preached a message to Jeremy's congregation at Grace Community Church.

The weather in Laredo has finally gotten cooler, with temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s. You can imagine how welcome of a change that is for the Vuolos. And in other news, Felicity Vuolo, whom Jinger and Jeremy call Lissy, recently turned two months old.

Chuck and Diana Vuolo, Jinger Vuolo, Felicity Vuolo, Jeremy Vuolo
Valerie Vuolo (Jeremy's sister), Charles Vuolo (Jeremy's brother), 
Chuck and Diana Vuolo, Jinger Vuolo, Felicity Vuolo, Jeremy Vuolo

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Vuolos' Gender Reveal

Duggar gender reveal party

Tomorrow night on TLC, catch another all-new episode of Counting On. "Jinger's Double Surprise" premieres at 9pm ET/8pm CT.

In addition to the gender reveal party that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo host in honor of their daughter, you'll see the Duggars unveil a surprise of their own for Jinger. And back in Arkansas, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson get together with family and friends for a giant game of foosball, and Joseph and Kendra Duggar welcome little Garrett Duggar. Check out the preview video below.

Photo/video courtesy TLC