Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baby Dilly Details...It's a Boy

In five months, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will have four grandchildren, three grandsons and one granddaughter. The family announced today that Jill Dillard is expecting a boy.

"I was really excited," Derick Dillard told PEOPLE. "As a new dad, to have a firstborn son to be our first child and be the leader of his siblings, it is very special."

Before her ultrasound appointment last Saturday, Jill indulged in a sugary breakfast of waffles with syrup and whipped cream, fruit, chocolate milk, and lemonade. She wanted to make sure Baby Dilly would be active for his big debut.

"He stretched out his legs full length," said Jill. "He was trying to be like Dad."

Jill and Derick brought three Duggars--Joy-Anna, James, and Jennifer--with them to the appointment. Jill said there was "screaming in the room" when the gender was revealed.

Jill had predicted that Baby Dilly would be a girl, but both she and Derick agreed that, boy or girl, all they wanted was a healthy baby.

Both the Duggars and Dillards were thrilled to hear the news.

"We could have a giant," said Jill. "I called Derick's mom, and she was telling me that when Derick was born, he didn't fit into the newborn clothes, and his shoes were a size two."

According to Jill, her parents were "just elated."

"My mom and dad both thought it was going to be a boy and my grandma did, too," said the expectant mother. "They are all really excited,"

Jill and Derick don't plan on following a letter theme for their children's names, but they might choose a different theme, such as family names.

Photo Credit: PEOPLE Magazine

It's a Boy!

Jill and Derick Dillard will be breaking out the blue when they welcome their first child in March 2015. The couple announced today that they are expecting a boy!

Details coming soon. 

Tennis with the Duggars

Last weekend, Josh and Anna Duggar visited an indoor tennis facility in Alexandria, Virginia.

They brought Mackynzie, Michael, and Marcus along and met up with another young couple for a "double date." (Can you still call it a double date when you bring your children?)

Josh and Anna have been looking for fun ways to stay active. The Kellers have a tennis court on their property in Florida, so Anna grew up playing tennis with her parents and siblings. She and Josh often compete against David and Priscilla Waller, Anna's brother-in-law and sister, at family gatherings.

The Duggars' tennis outing will be featured on 19 Kids and Counting in spring 2015.

Photo Credit: Mount Vernon Athletic Club

Monday, October 20, 2014

Jill Duggar's Wedding on TLC

The moment you have been waiting for since June is only eight days away. TLC will air a two-hour special of 19 Kids and Counting featuring the wedding of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard next Tuesday.

Oct 28, 8:00-10:00 PM
Jill's Wedding
The big day is finally here... Jill & Derick are getting married! With hundreds of volunteers to help with everything from decorating to finishing the cake, they're aiming for this super-sized wedding to go off without a hitch. 

Click here for a recap of Jill and Derick's wedding. 

Last-Minute Duggar Appearance

At noon today, Josh Duggar and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will be speaking at the Families for Arkansas Rally at 1501 S 48th Street in Springdale, Arkansas. Registration is free. Click here to reserve a ticket.