Friday, June 24, 2016

Jeremy Vuolo's Testimony

For those who are eager to learn more about Jinger Duggar's boyfriend, Jeremy Vuolo, the 28-year-old recently created a video in which he shares his personal testimony. After giving a 10-minute introduction/mini sermon, Jeremy begins his testimony at 10:26.

Born on September 5th, 1987 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jeremy aspired to become a professional soccer player from the time he was a young child. He played at the collegiate level at both Hartwick College and Syracuse University, while earning a bachelor's in business administration and beginning a master's in finance.

After playing on a professional Finnish soccer team for one year, Jeremy joined the New York Red Bulls and later the San Antonio Scorpions. Feeling called to enter full-time ministry, he ended his athletic career in November 2014. Jeremy was ordained into ministry on March 5th, 2016, and currently pastors Grace Community Church of Laredo, Texas.

Photo credit: DCL. YouTube video credit: Grace Community Church of Laredo, Texas

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Celebrating Anna Duggar

Wishing Anna Duggar a very blessed 28th birthday! During our interviews with Anna and the time we have spent face-to-face with her, we have always been encouraged by her strong faith, selflessness, and positive outlook on life. For those who have watched the Duggars' show and/or met the family, how has Anna impacted your life?

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Exclusive Photos of Jinger & Jeremy

Have you heard the exciting news? Jinger Duggar is in a courtship with professional soccer player Jeremy Vuolo! (Click here to read more about the new couple and to watch their official TLC announcement.)

We know you are all eager to see photos of Jinger and her boyfriend, so we have a couple to share. For the full album, visit These photos are property of and may not be used without written permission.

 Jinger Duggar and boyfriend Jeremy Vuolo

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar, Michelle Duggar, Jim Bob Duggar

Dillards Celebrate 2 Years

Two years ago, on a sweltering June day, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard became man and wife during a beautiful ceremony that was attended by 1000 of their closest friends and family members.

After spending one year in Northwest Arkansas, where Derick worked as an accountant for Walmart, the Dillards--along with their infant son, Israel--moved to Central America to pursue full-time missions.

Let's take a trip down memory lane...

Jill and Derick had their first phone conversation in March 2013. Derick was in Nepal doing humanitarian work, and he and Jim Bob Duggar were prayer partners. It was Jim Bob who, upon realizing that Jill and Derick had similar life goals and personalities, set the two up.

Starting in August 2013, Jill and Derick began communicating via text, email, Skype, and telephone. In November, Jim Bob and Jill flew to Nepal for two weeks. After seeking guidance from the Lord and counsel from Jim Bob, Derick asked Jill to enter an official courtship.

Derick returned home to Arkansas in January 2014, upon completing his two-year term in Nepal. At the end of February, he asked Jim Bob's permission to propose and then popped the question to Jill on March 29.

Happy 2-year anniversary, Dillards!

Photos courtesy, TLC, TLC/David Welker

Monday, June 20, 2016

Another Duggar Courtship!

Hot off the press...We are thrilled to share two exciting Duggar announcements with you all!

First off, Jinger Duggar is courting! Secondly, Jill and Jessa: Counting On returns to TLC later this summer (premiere date to be announced soon).

Jinger was introduced to her boyfriend, Jeremy Vuolo, in May 2015 by her sister Jessa Seewald and brother-in-law Ben Seewald. Following a mission trip that both Jinger and Jeremy went on, Jeremy asked Jim Bob Duggar's permission to pursue a friendship with Jinger. The two are now officially in a courtship.

"We are very excited to begin this journey together," Jeremy tells PEOPLE Magazine.

After attending Syracuse University, Jeremy, who is 28 years old, played professional soccer for the New York Red Bulls and the San Antonio Scorpions. He recently stepped away from athletics to enter full-time ministry and is currently serving as the pastor at a small church in Laredo, Texas.

Meet Jeremy in the video below:

Photo/video courtesy of TLC