Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Wedding Begins!

"At that moment, it just really hit me. I was breathing hard, trying not to cry. And I was like, 'Daddy, I can't look at you because I'm going to start crying.'"
-Joy-Anna Duggar

As she awaits her cue to walk down the aisle to Austin on her wedding day, Joy-Anna shares a special moment with her dad in the foyer of the sanctuary (see video below). The processional begins, and the members of the wedding party enter the church, raw emotions written on each of their faces.

"Let's do it, Joy!" says Jim Bob. "Want to?" The trumpet sounds, and the big moment arrives.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

New Photos from Joy and Austin's Wedding

Did you catch Joy and Austin's two-hour wedding special last night on TLC? (Click here to read our recap.) Here are a few photos from the big day, courtesy of Lissa Chandler Photography/DCL. Visit the TLC website to view more.

 Jim Bob Duggar walks Joy-Anna Duggar down the aisle

 Cindy, Michelle's childhood friend, pins a boutonniere on John-David Duggar

Joy and Austin Forsyth

 Cutting the cake

 The rings

Joy and her bridesmaids (can you name them all?)

Monday, October 16, 2017

'Joy and Austin Tie the Knot' Recap

Counting On "Joy and Austin Tie the Knot"
  • Four days before Joy and Austin’s wedding, the Duggars excitedly head to the airport to meet the Dillards as they return from Central America.
  • Later that week, dress designer Renee Miller arrives for the final fitting of Joy’s gown. Joy is radiant as she walks out in her wedding dress. “It just blows me away how she got the things that I was…wanting,” says the bride-to-be.
  • Later, Joseph drives over to the Caldwell home to pick Kendra and her sister Lauren up for an evening at Jessa and Ben’s. Joseph and Kendra have been courting for two-and-a-half months, but they have known each other for five or six years.
  • “With them being on the fast track, I…definitely have already cried quite a bit,” says Lauren. “…Kendra and I have always been best friends. But I’m super excited for them.”
  • The cameras stop by Joy and Austin’s future home. It’s nowhere near done, so the family has allowed them to move one of their RVs next to the house while they finish construction.
  • Leading up to the wedding, Joseph meets with Pastor Paul Caldwell to ask his blessing to propose to Kendra at Joy and Austin’s wedding. Pastor Caldwell says yes and tells Joseph how grateful he and his wife, Christina, are that Joseph has honored them throughout the relationship.
  • “We’re very happy for Joe and Kendra,” says Paul. “A little bit taken aback that it happened so quick and so early, but we want them to get on with their life.”
  • Joy and Austin happily give Joseph permission to propose at the wedding. “We’re all one big, happy family, anyways,” says Austin.
  • Some of the “middle” siblings head over to the home of Cindy, Michelle’s childhood friend and the wedding designer, to start working on decorations. They load everything into a big truck, but they run out of gas along the way, so that causes a delay.
  • The day before the wedding, Jinger and Jeremy arrive from Laredo with the pottery for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Now that all the girls are together, they present Joy and Austin with the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” gift that most of the siblings have contributed to.
  • At the church, family and close friends begin to arrive for the rehearsal and Mexican-themed rehearsal dinner. Jill (maid of honor) and Bobby (best man and Austin’s brother-in-law) both make speeches. Bobby, who attended Christian school, says that he always joked with Austin because he was homeschooled.
  • On the big day, the bride and the groom arrive at the church separately, reunite in the foyer, and then split up again to get ready for the ceremony. After doing her hair and makeup but before putting on her dress, Joy finds Austin to ask him what he thinks about her hair.
  • Joy puts her dress on and then unveils it to her mom and bridesmaids. Jim Bob comes into the room, and both he and Joy tear up. "This is our fifth child to get married, and I don't think it gets easier, but she's marrying Austin, who is just a great guy," says Jim Bob.
  • Joy and Austin have their first look in the sanctuary. "I think we decided to do the first look probably because I would have lost it as I saw her walking down the aisle," says Austin.
  • This is Jennifer's first time being a bridesmaid. She is Joy's little buddy and is sad that her sister is moving out.
  • Just before the ceremony, the groomsmen pray over Austin. As the bridesmaids line up, Jennifer starts crying. Michelle and Joy hold her and speak words of encouragement. 
  • Austin escorts his mom and mother-in-law into the sanctuary. When Jim Bob and Joy enter the room, Austin starts crying. "I wasn't surprised that he did, cause he's pretty emotional" says Joy. 
  • After reading their vows, Joy and Austin sign them, as well as the marriage license. Their parents come onto the stage to pray for them.
  • Joy and Austin share their first kiss before Pastor Caldwell introduces them as husband and wife. Austin asks Joy if she wants him to carry her out of the church, and she says no. As they exit, confetti cannons are set off. 
  • "It was just a beautiful wedding," says Austin's mom. "It couldn't have been better." 
  • At the reception, Joy and Austin thank everyone, and Joy mentions that they won't be able to "stay super long." The couple cuts their six-tiered cake. 
  • All the single ladies gather for the bouquet toss, and Joseph's nerves start to build. Joy pretends to toss the bouquet but then walks it back to Kendra. Joe walks out and gets down on one knee. Kendra says yes. "When Joe got down on one knee...I was shocked," says Kendra. "It felt like the whole world stopped for a second."
  • "Well, another one bites the dust," says Josiah. "Way to man up, Joe." 
  • Joy changes into a regular outfit before she and Austin run out to their getaway car. They will honeymoon in Switzerland, and Joy says she is looking forward to skiing.
Next week's episode, featuring Joseph and Kendra's wedding, will be the season finale.

Joseph's Big Question

"We've talked for many, many hours. I really feel like the Lord is leading in this direction, but I do want to remind you [that] you're taking one of my most precious gifts."
-Pastor Paul Caldwell

In this preview of tonight's two-hour special (begins at 8pm ET/7pm CT), Joseph Duggar meets with Kendra's father to ask his blessing (as well as the blessing of Kendra's mother, Christina) to propose to Kendra.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Duggars Fall Into Fall

 Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

The Duggars have had a busy fall. In the past few weeks alone, they have celebrated two birthdays (Johannah's and Mackynzie's), attended the Demolition Derby, and cheered on the Razorbacks at a University of Arkansas football game.

The Dillards have spent several days in Washington D.C., while other members of the family are down in East Texas at the week-long International ALERT Academy Family Camp.

 Josiah Duggar and John-David Duggar at family camp

And here's a new photo of Spurgeon Seewald and Henry Seewald, shopping at ALDI with Jessa. 

Henry Seewald and Spurgeon Seewald

Photos courtesy duggarfamily.com, theseewaldfamily.com