Saturday, June 8, 2024

Q&A with Joy Forsth

Joy Forsyth recently sat down to answer questions from fans. What is her favorite song? Has she done any disentangling as a result of the release of Jinger and Jill's books? How did she come to the decision to wear pants, and did other family members give her grief? Hear her discuss these and other topics in her latest question and answer video.


  1. Why does joy keep talking about why she chose to wear pants I remember when whore pants for the first time and I still wear them to work. If some of duggars want wear pants they can wearing pants doesn’t make you a bad person it is a decision us girls make my daughter wear skirts and dress and sometimes copies me but I don’t forse her to do something she dosent want to do.

    1. I find the fact she's still flogging this "dead horse" annoying. The Duggars created this issue to draw attention to themselves and won't just let it go.

    2. Did you read the post? It says she is answering questions from fans. That's why.

    3. The Duggar girls were taught that pants are not modest, and that only boys/men wear pants and girls women wear shirts/dresses.

      It's hard to break free of what you were taught all your life. Also to their parents it is a big deal, that their daughters are going against how they were raised. Given we are only hearing from the girls side, (I say this cause there is two sides to every story, but honestly what has come to light in the past years i do tend to believe the girls over the parents. Also i only say the girls because none of the boys have spoken out like them) but it seems like their parents still believe they should obey them even though they are married and have children of their own.


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