Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Duggars in the Wild (TONIGHT)

For those who enjoyed a long weekend, it may feel like a Monday, but don't be fooled. It's Tuesday, and it's Duggar night. (Woohoo!)

This evening's new episode of Counting On picks back up with the Duggar siblings' experience at survival camp. Meanwhile, Jill and Derick Dillard spend a night at a Central American resort in honor of their two-year wedding anniversary.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016
7:30pm: Rerun
8pm: Duggars in the Wild (NEW)

Wilderness training continues for the Duggar siblings following a frightening encounter with a nocturnal visitor. Meanwhile, Jill and Derick celebrate their second anniversary; and Jessa and Ben are amazed by how fast Spurgeon is growing.
11pm: Duggars in the Wild

Photo courtesy TLC


  1. Why did they bring an rv to a survival camp? If they didn't want to rough it, why did they go?

  2. I enjoyed today's episode I can't wait to down load it from iTunes. Looking forward to next episode I get to see Michele and Jimbob!

  3. really miss the format of the old show with jim bob and michelle anchoring each show. the new show just does not have what the old one did which is ALL of the family. miss the little ones and especially jom bob and michelle. we also miss josh and would love to watch and see how he is getting through this time of growth and trying to put his marriage and life back together. TLC makes me shake my head with disgust with taking 19 kids off just to please a bunch of bigoted haters who do not believe Christians have any rights.wish ALL the Duggars would go to another network!

    1. I really take offense at your calling anyone a "bigoted hater who does not believe Christians have any rights." That is probably one of the worst comments I've ever read on this blog, so now I'm the one who's shaking my head with disgust. Do you not understand the severity of what Josh did and what those girls were put through because of his and his parents' actions? Any other boy would have been in juvenile detention, not on TLC. Then there really wouldn't have been a show, without help from any "bigots." And how do you figure going to another network will erase what happened?


  4. wow! didnt know U guys show wuz airing last nite..thats so awesome! i got to try to find site that might view so i can watch it...congrats #duggars!!

  5. So silly to send them to "survival camp" when the boys had already been to ALERT and the girls clearly weren't interested in anything but the phone and the potato chips. I get the feeling there was some sort of inside deal done among TLC, Jim Bob, and the owners of that camp. Did you notice how the place seemed deserted, other than the Duggars? Like it had been closed or bought out for the filming. Nobody really looked like they had spent 3 days there (no beards starting? no dirty hair?), so it's possible they tweaked time once again and filmed multiple scenes in one day. In any case, silly.


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