Sunday, September 22, 2013

Duggars in Iowa [Photos]

Here are several photos, courtesy of Grace Mally from Tomorrow's Forefathers, of a recent day that the Duggars and Mallys spent witnessing at the University of Iowa. Also included at the end is another picture from the Turning Hearts event that the Duggars attended on Labor Day.

 Jim Bob and Michelle meet Avalon, a girl whose time with
the Duggars was an answer to prayers (literally!)
 Eating lunch at the office of Bright Lights
(a ministry of Tomorrow's Forefathers)

The Duggar boys pass out trillion dollar bills at the University of Iowa

 Michelle Duggar shares her testimony at the University of Iowa

 Jana Duggar has a one-on-one conversation with a passerby

Jinger Duggar during her long conversation with a group of teens 

 The Duggars share music with students at the University of Iowa

The Duggars with the Mallys and other friends

While in Iowa, the Duggars also attended a picnic with 1,300 others


  1. "Jim Bob and Michelle meet Avalon, a girl whose time with
    the Duggars was an answer to prayers (literally!)"
    Would you mind sharing? I would love to know the story behind this :)

  2. very glad to hear they are sharing their testmony? did they help that people they talked to about what they thought about Christ? did they help them if they wanted to find some to help their faith grow?

  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us!

  4. Where's Jill? I remember she said "Before you meet prince charming" was one of her favorite books, it would have been too bad if she wasn't able to go meet them! :/

  5. Ahhh to be a Duggar for a Day..what fun..God bless them.

  6. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous,

    A few months ago, Avalon told her parents that she would like to meet the Duggars. She started praying about it, and God answered her by bringing the Duggars to Iowa.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  7. Lilly and Ellie,
    Please tell me the story behind the Duggar Boys passing out trillion dollar bills.

  8. I hope they were evangelizing!! Nothing greater than spreading the word of God!! Beautiful people :)

  9. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous,

    The trillion dollar bills that the boys were passing out are gospel tracts from Living Waters (

    ~Lily and Ellie


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