Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Correct Answers to Duggar Trivia

Here are the answers to Sunday's round of Duggar trivia. How did you do?

1. What organization does Josh Duggar work for in Washington D.C.? FRC Action, an affiliate of the Family Research Council

2. What is Jim Bob Duggar's sister's name? Deanna 

3. Which two Duggars are spending their time delivering babies? Jana and Jill

4. In what year did the first special air about the Duggar family? (Brownie points if you can name the network it appeared on.) 2004; Discovery Health


  1. yay, I got them all right!

  2. I really thought only Jill was delivering babies, since Jana wants to be a doula and not a midwife. Has that changed?

  3. I got the last question wrong


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