Saturday, June 15, 2013

GrandDuggar #2 Turns 2

Happy Birthday, Michael James!


  1. How come Jana is missing from the picture? Happy Father's day to all the Dads out their!

  2. Happy Birthday Michael!!!
    You are getting so big!!!!
    I hope you have a great day!!
    God bless you!!
    Don't quit on the Lord!!
    Catherine K

  3. Happy Birthday Michael!! I cant believe youre 2 already it seems like just yesterday u were born. Have a very good birthday.

  4. Happy birthday Micheal!!!!

  5. I want to become a Doula or Midwife Does anyone know or have any blogs that teach these or FREE courses Online that I could take to do this?


  6. Happy Birthday Micheal!

    Also has anybody else noticed Jana missing from quite a few family pictures lately?

  7. Happy birthday to a precious gift sent from God. And may Go continue to bless this awesome family.

  8. on Josh's Instagram he posted about tomorrow's episode and i am shocked that you guys don't know about that. It was posted over 21 hours ago.

  9. happy birthday to you Michael wow age 2 years old. god bless you keep growing.

  10. Hi Michael;
    We hope you had a birthday full of fun and happiness. Wishing you a year of everything good.
    God Bless you Michael
    Collins Family

  11. Adorable pictures! Happy birthday Michael!

  12. you have an extremely beautiful family! it is so nice to see such a large Christian family in Christian unity. I am 1 of 7 children which is so nice. most of my friends come from a family of 5-10 children. please, pray for us because my family is one of many families that has been separated from each other because of the persecution on our church. we will also continually and willing pray for you.


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