Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We have added some new features to the blog, and one of our readers mentioned that it is taking more time to load. We would appreciate your feedback so we can better serve you!

  • Does the blog usually load quickly for you? 
  • Have you recently found that the blog is loading more slowly than it used to? 
  • Are there specific parts of the blog (the picture/title, the buttons at the top, etc) that are especially slow in loading?
  • Do you have an older computer?

          Thanks for your input!


          1. Everything works great for us!

          2. It takes a little while to load EVERYTHING on the page, but only a few seconds until I can see the most important stuff at the top. I have a brand new computer though. :)

          3. I have a newer computer but a slow internet connection, the blog usually loads pretty quickly for me, and I've not noticed any changes lately :)

            Thanks for creating such a great blog!

          4. Hi! I have a 4 year old laptop running Windows Vista (yuck!), and IE v6. I hadn't noticed any difference lately in the loading time (and I'm a super impatient person!). I check the blog about 2 times a day for updates and to read comments. Thanks again for the blog! Great job! :-)

          5. I haven't noticed a difference at all. I love all the extra video clips you link to on your blog, and all the latest Duggar news. Keep it coming :-)

          6. It seems to load just as quickly for me. But I don't have an old computer.

          7. Hi there. I have noticed the the title/picture is slightly slower in loading, but I can still view every other part of the blog while it loads. I have a newer computer.
            Thank for asking!

          8. Hi, first I want to say I enjoy your blog. Yes, the page is loading more slowly and I don't have an older computer. The pictures (ecspecially the one at the top) seems to be the hold up.
            Thanks & God Bless,

          9. 1) yes it loads quickly for me

            2)nope everything seems fine


            4.)nope :)

            ~Ali H.

          10. Everything loads just as fast as ever! I work for a computer firm and we have the latest equipment so there is no problem!!

          11. No problems with site. Everything loading quickly. (Well, as quickly as any other site - rural internet means eratic speeds but that isn't your fault!)

          12. Nothing much has changed here as far as loading time goes. Still loads quickly. I have an older computer. Love the blog and the Duggars!

          13. It does take a while to load the title and picture at the top of the page, but it doesn't take that long to do so. My computer is brand new. I know this is off topic, but I have a question for you. Does hangman and trellis on the Duggar's website work for you? All the other games on the Duggar Kids page tab works for me except Josh and Jana's games. I am using them on a brand new computer.

          14. I don't have problems with loading. The page comes up in seconds with everything showing.

          15. Yes, the page loads quickly.

            No, I haven't noticed any differences in how quickly it loads. Seems the same.

            I do not notice particular parts being difficult to load.

            This computer is a Mac and is not really new: about 5-6 years old.

          16. Everything works great for me!

          17. Hi Readers!

            Thanks for the great feedback!

            Looks like everything is loading fine for the majority. We will see what we can do about the picture at the top, as some of you have said that that is an issue.

            You guys are the best!
            ~Lily and Ellie

          18. Hi Bayley!

            We just checked, and those two games don't work for us either. Must be a system error.

            Have a blessed day!
            Lily and Ellie

          19. I haven't noticed any difference.

          20. Yes, it is loading slowly. The picture at the top loaded slowly. Actually, even while typing this comment, there are little delays where I type several words and it sort of pauses before the letters show up. My computer is not old, but the internet connection is sometimes a little slow.


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