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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Video: Michelle on Healthy Marriage

Another fabulous video interview with Michelle Duggar! This time, hear the mom of many share how she and Jim Bob maintain a healthy marriage. 
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Eva said...

They are so sweet!! Even though I am 11 I agree that you should not get so busy with other things, that way your relationship between your husband and your wife don't crash and so that you do not become so focused on other things that you forget about each other:)

Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful advice, you and jim bob are very inspiring.q

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful Michelle :) God Bless!

Anonymous said...

If the Duggars would show a "human" side, rather than just talking about it (an argument or so with the spouse or children where they are not "Christ-like," maybe they would have more believers. I have just tuned into Tao (pronounced Toooowwww, like Cow) and although I was brought up with Hell and Brimstone, Tao makes much more sense to me and I can still believe in God. I believe in myself and not what the Duggars hold me to be responsible to be, nor are the Duggars the standard for myself.

Anonymous said...

That its great advice I was actually told that when I first got married. My aunt and uncle dated until the day he died, they called each other nicknames and wrote love letters. They had a great marriage because they were each others best friend.

Anonymous said...

when are the duggars coming back. I thought it was jan. 22nd. Is there a new date?

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Anonymous (at 10:07 AM),

TLC hasn't yet announced a start date for the new season, but we will post it when they do.

~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much(;

Kathy said...

*QUACK*QUACK*QUACK*....hahaha! So funny. One for the Duggar blooper reel!

She gives excellent advice about making a point to spend time with your husband. That, and not allowing yourself to get too busy.

Regarding what someone said about showing the human side...I remember in one episode they said that they shoot oodles of video for each episode, and then the edit it down to the 22 minute show that you see each week. So, I'm sure the camera and production folks have probably seen the family "lose it" on at least a few occasions, but they've just chosen not to air that. Whether that was TLC's decision or the Duggars had input on that, I don't know. But Michelle's been pretty open in other interviews about that she *does* lose her temper with the kids, and the kids have made comments that do argue.

Just FYI...I emailed TLC yesterday regarding when new episodes would be released. They emailed back and said that new episodes are in production now, but the release dates haven't been made public yet. So, it's definitely in the works! :-)

Ginger said...

Good advice. It's worked for our marriage so far (15 years)!

Anonymous said...

God's ways are not our ways. Human centered marriages are not successful.

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