Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Duggars' Schedule: January 18th

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and five of their older children (John, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Josh), as well as Anna, Mackynzie, and Michael, have been campaigning throughout South Carolina. What are they up to on Wednesday, January 18th? Let's take a look! 

1. One of our loyal readers kindly informed us that the Duggars are scheduled to be at Hampton Park Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina at 9:00 AM. This event has not been confirmed.

Hampton Park Baptist Church
875 State Park Rd
Greenville, SC
Phone: (864) 232-5691
Website: http://www.hamptonpark.org/

2. At 9:30 AM, Jim Bob and Michelle and five of the children will be at Christian Supply in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The store advises visitors to "arrive early because we don't know how long the Duggars will be staying." This even has been confirmed.

Christian Supply
1600 John B. White Sr. Blvd.
Spartanburg, SC
Phone: (864) 595-2626 (Toll Free: 1-800-845-7618)
Website: http://www.christiansupply.com/

3. At 10:45 AM, the Duggars will be at the Beacon Drive-In with Rick Santorum. This even has been confirmed. 

The Beacon Drive-In
255 John B. White Sr. Boulevard 
Spartanburg, SC
Phone: 864.585.9387 
Website: http://www.beacondrivein.com/   

4. Word on the street is that the Duggars will be at Santorum's Summit Point Conference Center rally at 5:00 PM in the Grand Ballroom. This event has not been confirmed.

Summit Point Conference Center
805 Spartan Blvd.
Spartanburg, SC

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Anonymous said...

Are they going to be at the beacon tom?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting their schedule. I have to go to Greenville tomorrow, Thursday the 19th and was wondering if you know where they will be tomorrow. I would LOVE to meet them! Thank you!

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Anonymous (at 8:42 PM)

The Duggars will be joining Santorum at the Beacon this morning (in 15 minutes). The information is on the post: http://duggarsblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/one-of-our-loyal-readers-was-kind.html.

Hope you can make it!
Lily and Ellie

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Anonymous (at 8:39 AM),

We are still in the process of getting information on the Duggars' schedule for tomorrow. We will post anything that we find out.

Thanks for reading!
Lily and Ellie

Lucy said...

I wonder how Josh is running his business when he's been away so much. That's a lot of vacation time.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if there are any more scheduled appearances in Greeville or Spartanburg today?

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Anonymous (at 11:10 AM)

Word on the street is that the Duggars will be at Santorum's rally at Summit Point Conference Center tonight at 5. That even has not been confirmed.

~Lily and Ellie

Brenda H. said...

One of the comments ( Lucy) asked how Josh has been running his business while traveling recently. I saw on a couple of episodes that he has other employees working for him. I can't remember their names, but I know one of them has a little boy around the same age as Josh & Anna's daughter.No doubt with all the technology available Josh has been in regular contact with them. Can hardly wait for new episodes!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he's got a dependable person or an employee to help run it in his absence.

Stefanie said...

What! I was 100 miles away from the Duggars and didn't know it!

Ricardo Johnson said...

When are the Duggars going to be in the Southern Alabama Area?

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