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Monday, July 8, 2013

Meet the Duggars in Texas TONIGHT

If you live near Austin, Texas, join the Duggars on the South Steps of the Texas State Capitol tonight at 7:00 PM CST for a pro-life rally. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will speak, and Josh and Josie Duggar will also be present. Participants are encouraged to wear blue.

*Photo courtesy of Josh Duggar
Monday, July 8th, at 7:00 PM, the Republican Party of Texas will be participating in a pro-life rally on the South Steps of the Capitol - See more at:

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Anonymous said...

Should it say Josh and Anna Not Josh and Josie

Susan B. said...

This Texan would like to thank you for coming to the rally. I think Michelle was the best speaker! God bless you for standing for LIFE!

Janel Dunn said...

The rally was amazing! I was really hoping to get a picture with the Duggars!!!

Elena said...

Great cause..Nice to see them supporting and helping their son. They are busy people, they must have went from one venue to the next. They have the same outfit on!

Anonymous said...

So glad y'all. We're in Austin praying it gets passed . I am fellow Texan :-) . I get so sick of ppl treating unborn babies as nothing having just recently experienced the lost of our child I was 13wks ppl act as if it no big deal and it wasn't a child .well I'm sorry ppl from the time it has a beating heart it is a living human and a baby yes medical it is called a fetus til birth but so what either way it's a living life and it murder to end that life I would give anythg to still b pregrant

Anonymous said...

Why blue?

Anonymous said...

I think the pro-life stand the Duggars are taking is so wonderful!! May God bless them as they continue to serve Him.

Anonymous said...

I have a thought for Josh. Your in the public eye now and you have to dress nice. So why does Anna still have to wear used clothes? Someone else's cast offs. New clothes don't have to be expensive. And Anna deserves new. And please some decent shoes. It is a great boost to a persons self confidence.

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