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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! 

What did your family do to celebrate?

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Adriel said...

We did happy hour at Starbucks (half-prices frapps) and we're having dinner at Pei Wei (BOGO)... we're eating out frugally! =)

Nanner said...

We had a crankier than normal day :(
With lots of boo boos plus general crankiness.

However, Dad and the kids did make my favorite cookies! (chocolate with white chips)

cyndidelph said...

We had a cookout and then i went to work, came home and my husband and kids had made me brownies!:)

Angela said...

My husband had to work until 5. The kids and I went to church. When Daddy got home, we cooked steaks and deep fried pickles. YUM!

Oh, and I think this is my "de-lurking" comment. ;-)

Stefan said...

We went to Silver Dollar City in Branson MO for mother's day

Anonymous said...

My family went to my brothers restaurant for mothers day brunch.

MusicGirl23 said...

This was the first mother's day without my mom, and the first mother's day without my grandma. As it worked out, the vacation out to BC that my dad and I had planned ended up to have the sunday fall on mother's day. We went to my grandparent's old church for the service, and then visited the garden where my grandparent's ashes are interned. It was the first time any of us had been out to BC since August when my grandma was very ill (dying in October, exactly four weeks to the hour that my mom did). The day before, I met up with a high school friend who had her first child in January and now lives three provinces away from me in BC and had a wonderful time chatting with her at a Starbucks and enjoying her new little boy. So it was a celebration of both mothers no longer here and those who are celebrating motherhood for the first time.

Christine said...

My oldest son sent me beautiful flowers, and my youngest two took me to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I had a wonderful time with my kids and got to ride my favorite roller coasters: the griffon, and the lockness monster.

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