Old Videos

A collection of all the videos we have posted to the blog through 2016. Kick back, relax, and watch the Duggars in action! (Click each entry to view the corresponding post.)

Israel Dillard's 1st Pickle
Spurgeon Seewald's 2-Month Milestone

Jessa Seewald Jump-Starts Labor
Jessa Seewald's Labor Begins
Spanish Immersion with the Dillards
"The 5-Day Adoption"
Duggar Christmas Recital 2015
Christmas Caroling with the Duggars 

Spurgeon Seewald at 12 Days Old
Seewalds Announce Spurgeon's Name
Full Seewald Wedding Video

Duggar Makeup Tutorials
Happy Birthday, Mama!
Baby Dilly Goes For a Ride
'That is One Massive Mother's Ring!'
Dillards Depart for Central America

Jinger Duggar Shares Her Testimony
Dillards on Parenthood
Duggars Sing the Benediction
Happy Mother's Day from the Little Duggars
Redecorating the Girls' Room 

Jessa Seewald: 'I Was Cooking the Owner's Manual'
Jessa and Ben Attacked by Pigeons in Venice
Jessa Seewald at the Car Wash 
Dillards' Gender Reveal Party
A Duggar-Sized Thank You
Josie Duggar Sings a Song
Israel David Dillard's Birth Announcement 
Jessa and Ben's First Kiss 
Seewalds' Wedding Reception 

Don't Mess with Jess
Marriage Counseling with Jessa's Parents
Michelle Duggar's 30-Year High School Reunion
Josiah Duggar Loses His Wisdom Teeth

Jim Bob Duggar Raps with Anita Renfroe
Jessa Duggar Chooses Her Wedding Dress
Duggars on a High-Speed Car Chase
Duggars in El Salvador

Jill Duggar's Wedding Dress
Jill Duggar's Engagement Ring
Derick Dillard Prepares to Propose
Save Money Like Anna Duggar
Duggar Nature Walk 
Jessa Learns to Cook for Ben
The Energetic Jackson Duggar
Jim Bob Tries Nepali Food
Duggars Make Homemade Pickles
Cooking for the Duggars
Chaperoned Skype Dates

Giggles from a Grand-Duggar
Josh and Anna: 1st Christmas in D.C.
A Duggar-Sized Orchestra
Josie Duggar Sings a Tune

Duggars Sing in D.C.
"Following the Lord is an Exciting Adventure"

Dunk a Duggar
Duggar vs. Bates
Duggars Perform in Virginia Beach
Values Voter Summit 2013
Anna and Priscilla Reunite in D.C.
Camping with the Girls
Anna Duggar Drives D.C.
Jim Bob and Michelle: The Early Years
Cucumbers + Vinegar = 19 Happy Duggars
Between a Rocker and Hard Place
Old Trusty II

Michelle Duggar at the Stand4Life Rally
Ohio Heartbeat Bill Press Conference
Anna Duggar Navigates the Streets of D.C.
March Like a Duggar
Run Like a Duggar
Tour the Duggars' Playroom
Outdoor Playtime
Baking Cookies at Grandma Kellers'
Grandma Duggar Babysits 

Duggar Girls on Dating
Duggar Daughters Deliver
Michelle Gets Braces
Cooking with Anna Duggar
Duggar Boys in the Kitchen 
Jim Bob and Josh Duggar: Treadmill Test
Tour the Duggar Girls' Room
Tour the Duggar Boys' Room
Tour the Duggars' Pantry
Tour the Duggars' Laundry Room
Duggars' Music Corner
Jana and Jill Duggar on Midwifery

Fried Scorpion on Snack Street
Great Wall of Duggars
Duggars vs. Samurai
Ice Cream in Tokyo
Great Wall Surprises
Duggars Learn Japanese
A Duggar-Sized Japanese Breakfast
Duggars Share Melodious Music
Roller Coaster Duggars

Duggars Sing in Missouri
Quilted Duggars

Duggars at the Dentist
Duggars on Dating

Dinner with Kirk Cameron
Traits of a Duggar Husband

Jana, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy Sing a New Song

Jim Bob and Michelle Speak at "Hearts at Home"
Josie's Visit to the NICU
Duggars Play Violin in Branson
Duggars Sing in Branson