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Our Readers Meet the Duggars
Duggar Throwbacks

Jim Bob and Michelle Visit Central America
Jana and Meredith Duggar Play Piano
Anna and Michelle at the Fervent Tour
Duggar Snapshots: February 2016

Dillards in Central America
Spurgeon Seewald at 2 Months
Duggars Then and Now
Jim Bob, Michelle, and Josie at GOP Debates 
Duggars in Little Rock
Israel Dillard at 9 Months Old 

Israel Dillard at 8 Months
Jason and Meredith Duggar
Duggar Thanksgiving 2015
Meredith Duggar at 4 Months
Spurgeon Seewald at 1 Week
First Pictures of Baby Boy Seewald

Spurgeon Seewald's Baby Shower
Throwback: Never-Before-Seen Duggar Photos
The Dillards' Going Away Party
Dillards Return to Central America
Meredith Duggar at 3 Months 
Jessa Seewald: 36 Weeks Pregnant
Israel Dillard at 6 Months 
Duggar Kids in Tennessee 

Israel Dillard and Uncle John
Amy Duggar's Wedding Photos
Meredith Duggar at 2 Months 
Talk Like a Pirate Day
Jessa Seewald's baby Bump 
Israel Dillard and Aunt Jana

Jana Duggar, Bridesmaid at Michael Bates' Wedding
Duggars at Michael Bates' Wedding
Dillards in Central America
Meredith Duggar at 2 Weeks
More Photos of Meredith
Meet Meredith Grace Duggar
Duggars Celebrate Cousin Amy's Engagement

Duggar Update: June 2015
Michelle and Jana Duggar
Israel Dillard at 2 Months
Duggars at Silver Dollar City 

3 Pregnant Duggars 
Duggars Redecorate (and Seewalds' Honeymoon) 
First Photos of Israel David Dillard
Grandma Duggar and Anna Duggar
Jill Dillard's Baby Bump 
Duggars Vacation in Texas
Seewalds in Georgia

Wedding Dress Shopping with Jessa Duggar
Duggars Enjoy the Snow
Sledding with the Duggars
19 Kids and Counting Season 9 Promo Photos
Duggar Baby Bumps 
Duggars March for Life in AR 
Celebrating Jana and John-David Duggar
Duggar Throwback Pics  

Duggar Christmas Snapshots
Duggar Christmas Recital
Duggar Snapshots
Duggars in El Salvador 1
Duggars in El Salvador 2
Duggars Visit the Kellers
Branson Benefit
Keller Thanksgiving
Seewald Update
Duggars at the Beach
Dillard Movie Night 

Duggar-Seewald Wedding Party
More Duggar-Seewald Wedding Photos
Duggar-Dillard Wedding
Jessa Duggar's Engagement
DC Duggars Hit the Road
Duggars Visit College of the Ozarks
Duggars Play Paintball

Jill and Derick's Rehearsal Dinner
Jessa and Ben's Wedding Invite
Duggar Hairdos
Demolition Derby
Duggars at #VVS14
Jill Dillard, 15 Weeks Pregnant
Jamberry Nail Party
Tennis with the Duggar
Dillards' First Look and Wedding Prep
Duggar-Dillard Wedding Prep
Seewald Shower for Jessa and Ben 

Duggar-Dillard Wedding Prep
Jessa Duggar's Engagement Ring
Duggar-Seewald Engagement Pics
Duggars Meet Duck Dynasty
Duggar Girls Go Glam
Wedding Dress Shopping with Jill

Jessa and Ben Courtship Pics
Fall 2014 Promo Photos
Jill and Derick Dillard
First Pics of Baby Dilly
Duggar Engagement Photos

Duggars 'Eat Mor Chickin'
Duggars at Jill's Wedding
Dillards Enjoy Married Life
More Photos from Jill's Wedding
Jessa and Ben: Courtship Pics
Kissing Duggars and Bates
Jill and Derick's Sendoff
Duggars in Central America 1
Duggars in Central America 2 
More Central America Pics 

Honeymooning with the Dillards
Jill and Derick's First Kiss
Courtship Update: Jessa and Ben
Duggars Delivering Babies
More Midwifery
D.C. in December

Duggars at a Bates Wedding
Duggars in Woodbridge, VA
Duggars in Texas
Filming in Washington D.C.
Grand-Duggar Photo Shoot
Duggars at the Billy Graham Library 
Marcus: 1 Month And Counting
A Visit to Josh's Office

Marcus Duggar's Birth
Snapshots of Marcus
Birth Announcement
Meet Marcus Anthony Duggar 
The Many Faces of Johannah Duggar
Sneak Peak: New Family Portraits
A Look Back to Yesterday
Duggars in D.C.

Adventures in China
Meeting Dr. Oz
Announcing Grand-Duggar #3
Today Show
Experiencing Kyoto, Japan 
Duggars in Japan Part 2
Duggars in Japan Part 1
Ministry and Spring Solo Recital
Duggars in Central America Part 4
Duggars in Central America Part 3
Duggars in Central America Part 2
Duggars in Central America Part 1
Josh and Anna Duggar in D.C.
Arkansas March for Life
Duggars at the Arkansas Treasury

Duggar Christmas Photos 2
Duggar Christmas Photos 1
Duggar Christmas Recap
Grand-Duggars Ready for Christmas
Duggars on a Journey
Pilot John-David Duggar
Duggars Meet Ducks

Duggars Visit Great Wall of China
Duggars: Branson, MO/Silver Dollar City
Duggar Thanksgiving 2012 
Josh Speaks at Northwest Arkansas Mall
Duggars in Farmington, Missouri
Duggars Cheer on the Razorbacks
Anna and Mackynzie
Duggars on Japanese TV

Mackynzie and Michael Duggar
Justin Samuel Duggar
Food Conference
Duggar Family Reunion & Anniversary Part 3
28th Anniversary Part 2
28th Anniversary Part 1 
In the Kitchen with Jill and Josie
Jinger and Joseph's Grad Party Part 2
Jinger and Joseph's Grad Party Part 1

June 2012
June Journey to the Heart
Micheal's 1st Birthday


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Traci said...

awww! I love the Duggars! I wish I could meet them! I really think Jessa is so pretty! They all are though! :) Thanks for posting! I really really like this WONDERFUL family! :)

Sherry Hefner said...

Great photos of a wonderful Christian family!

abi and beanie mcgraw said...

hi,we love the Duggars...we have a Josh and Anna DVD. So glad ya'll are not worldly!! We are 12...would be SO cool if we could write a Duggar daughter!!! (like Joy-Anna!) :-) :-)

Barbara said...

I look forward to the Duggar's new season, have missed watching them. I think all the girls are beautiful, and so sweet. I really like Anna's new hair style. She is beautiful. God Bless all of them.

B said...

All the babies are sooo cute

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Miss the Duggars on TV. Be Glad when they are back on .Hope they get a 8 or 9pm slot.Linda

bluegrass said...

I agree with abi and beanie mcgraw...is there any way to write Joy-Anna? like,seriously!! I'm a 13 year old girl...would be SO cool to write!!! :-D

Lora R. said...

I wish you Scott had given you the photo of Josh, Anna,and Kynze where Anna is wearing a green blouse... it is the photo that is in the Duggar family photo album that they received as a gift from the kids when Josie was in the hospital. That photo is also hanging in the Duggar home. I so admire Anna. She seems to be a very beautiful, modest, fashion conscious and yet humble woman. She is the kind of person I would love to be finds with.

Anonymous said...


MearaCiranFayak said...

Hi, I've been interested in the Duggars after I watched their first show. Then when little Josie was born so early, and spent so much time in the NICU and on O2, my heart just ached for them. I had twin girls 2 months early and we spent 9 weeks in the NICU with them. Then tragically at 10 months one of my little angels passed away suddenly. We still don't know why God had to call her home so soon, but no one every completely understands God's plans but God. I am so glad that Josie is doing so much better! It makes me smile, even as I cry, remembering my babies at that size and all we went threw. My surviving daughter is 3 now, and a typical handful. I thank God every day that she is still with us. The Duggars take so much joy in their children and family. I know that joy, I understand that everyday is a gift. I tell parents to remember that even the hardest most frustrating days with your children are infantile better than the day after your child dies. God Bless you all, and the Duggars, such a wonderful example of how when a family is diligent and follows threw with the little things God asks of them, He will take their lives and make them into something wondrous for the glory of Him.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but 19? And the older kids all take care of the little ones. Maybe if Michelle actually took care of the kids then she wouldn't have so many.It would be physically impossible to take care of that many at one time.

Callie said...

I'm sorry but 19? And the older kids all take care of the little ones. Maybe if Michelle actually took care of the kids then she wouldn't have so many.It would be physically impossible to take care of that many at one time.

Yes, 19. How dare you say that Michelle doesn't care for her children!! Have you ever noticed how well-behaved and well dressed her children are? And its all 19 of them, which really shows how good of a mother she is!! You honestly think that Josh took care of Jana and John? Or Jana and John took care of Jill? Michelle and Jim Bob have done a wonderful of caring for and raising their family and are doing so still. Of course the older children will help look after the younger ones, but you have no right to come in here and say that a hard working mother like Michelle Duggar does not care for her kids. Have more respect, for Pete's sake! She's a way better parent than you could ever hope to be!!

briansbabe74 said...

It is great to see all of the great Duggar pictures. They look like a happy Christian family. I wonder how the girls make the cute skirts.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 19. How dare you say that Michelle doesn't care for her children!! Have you ever noticed how well-behaved and well dressed her children are? And its all 19 of them, which really shows how good of a mother she is!! You honestly think that Josh took care of Jana and John? Or Jana and John took care of Jill? Michelle and Jim Bob have done a wonderful of caring for and raising their family and are doing so still. Of course the older children will help look after the younger ones, but you have no right to come in here and say that a hard working mother like Michelle Duggar does not care for her kids. Have more respect, for Pete's sake! She's a way better parent than you could ever hope to be!!


Anonymous said...

I am wondering if any of the girls have ever considered donating their hair? I have done so twice, and each time I donated 12 inches. There are different organizations, but I personally donated through Locks of Love. They all seem so giving, and it seems like this would be so simple and rewarding at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I love watching the Duggar family,but as an adoptive parent I can't help but wonder why they don't adopt a chid. It would be nice to see this family do that. It is truly God's blessing to have so many children, but there are many children already born that need homes also.

Heather said...

I watch your show all of the time and I love you guys so much. I cant believe how much that Josie is growing up, I remember watching the episode where you had just brought her home, she was so tiny! I was looking through your website and I just wanted to wish Anna Duggar a happy birthday and congrats on your new precious edition Josh and Anna! Love you guys so much!

Anonymous said...

I love you guys!! I am # 4 of 9 and I'm the oldest daughter. I'm 13, almost 14. My birthday is August 20!! You are such an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

we love the duggars and watch them all the time, there a prime example of what family life is truly all about.they just all respect and love each other,and I just love the buddy system they use. where they help one another and teach thier buddy, there just a beautiful family,who have alot to share with others,we all can learn so much from them.we love you all from canada, hope someday that you can make it here, God bless you all. AND CONGRATS TO Anna and Josh on thier beautiful healthy baby boy. God has blessed them once more

Joy said...

What wonderful pictures, I absolutely love the Duggars! My family and I--I have three siblings--don't watch much TV. In fact, the Duggars are the only show we watch (besides family-friendly/educational movies). Joy Anna is my favorite Duggar; I'm 12 and my name is Joy (Joy Caroline) as well! Oh, and congratulations to Josh and Anna on the birth of Michael James. God bless all of you!!

Becky said...

We met you in Louisville at the book signing. What a gracious family! I would love to be your neighbor so I could hang out with you, work with you, pray with you. I so appreciate the biblical and common sense standards that you live by.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love your show I'm 11 and I am impressed with all the childrens behavior. I am the youngest of my family of 4. My sister also enjoys the show. I wish I could be like the older girls because of there okness of wearing long skirts and the attitude of like"I wear what I want and its good for me" I love it! I need some of that great attitude at my school! Thanks and by the way I love Josiah, we are both the comedians of our familys!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Love the photos I really want to meet you guys!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe in what u believe but dancing, what type do u not like? My friend dances, ballet is that bad too?

Jacob B. said...

Do you want to know what is so weird? I'm so inspired by the Duggar family and everything they do for the Glory of God, yet i've never seen there movies, met them, read their books, or anything. Except I did watch there short courting section on there movie( don't know which one). As a single 18 y/o christian man, they show me that there is still christian families out in the world that are raising up Godly young men and women. The Lord will continue to bless their family for generations to come. Jacob
P.S. Lately I have been becoming more invovled with the duggar blog and like sort of things.

Anonymous said...

Same here

Rhonda said...

Hello! To the Duggar Family! I am so inspired by your show! My Grandaughter and I watch it every week! I love the way you raise your kids to be Godly. In this day and time it is more important that ever to instill Christian values.I am also from Arkansas and would love to have the honor of meeting you all one day. I also plan to read your new book A love that multiplies

Joyce Polzin said...

It is refreshing to see a family that works well with religion, and a family core. The kids behave so well and I enjoy watching them in this turmoil of a world. I really enjoy watching there program and sorry when the season finale comes up, and have to wait for the new season. God Bless the Duggars, you are a great family. Joyce Polzin

Anonymous said...

hi duggar family my name is elizabeth martinez i am 12 my mom loves ur show she homeschools 5 kids.thanx for doing this show i really helps me during the day when i am mad at my brothers and sister.this show is also hillarious lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When your an older mother it is not gods will, it's a choice we as individuals make. If you have been fortunate to have healthy children then that is the blessing to have so many and your health. Children are better with a healthy ,other as opposed to no mother. To leave the older siblings with such a responsibility is irresponsible when it could have been avoided.

Anonymous said...

Can ya'll upload more recent photos of the Dugggars?

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Leah and i watch 19 kids and counting every day!!!!!!! I would do ANYTHING to meet y'all. I want to meet you because i look up to every one in your family and i think you guys are very special and you are a loving family. PLEASE try to keep up and maybe one day god will answer my prayers and let me meet your grateful family and get to know y'all better.
Leah M.
( P.S i am ten years old ( : )

Ann M. Triplett said...

I love your family. And I would give anything to be Grandma Duggar. I think she's the luckiest woman in the whole world. I'm very jealous of her. All those children are so precious.

Joan said...

The Duggars are a joy to watch, loving, well-behaved and so interesting to be allowed to see. My hope is that Michelle stops after her 20th child, as I fear for her health, and want to have both parents around for a long, long time, to continue nurturing this absolutely great God-loving family. Once I start watching their family life, there is no switching of channels. "Love you Duggars, God Bless!"

Anonymous said...

Can i write to a duggar my age? is that possible?
I really idolize jinger and jessa...IM GONNA NAME NY DAUGHTERS AFTER YOU@@@

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Anonymous!

You can email the Duggars at duggarmail@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!
Lily and Ellie

Cheryl said...

My daughter and I love watching the duggars. We have the same values and love the Lord. What a blessing to see how beautiful your family is and watch a wholesome show. I especially love the song you all sing ...Through the Blood. It is one of my favorite songs. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Your show is inspiring and shows how a family works everyone helping out in their own way to make it a happy family. For the people who say the older raise the younger-yes they help the parents out by passing on the values the parents have given them and being good role models to the younger siblings. In this gimmie gimmie world and I do nothing to help out it is refreshing to see a family so dedicated and loving to each other.

Collinssly said...

Hello!! First off I love the way you are always able to speak softly. My question is. If the doctors told you that it would be very dangerous to your health if you get pregnant again. Would you have your tubes tied? I had my last child at 38 and they didn't really give me much of a choice. It was either obstain from sex or get my tubes tied. I would have loved to have had another child but the doctors said it would be risking my own life and the 3 children He had already blessed me with needed a mother. I lost my son Joshua in 2005. He was only 23.. He was my only son. I have to admit that you have all your children. I dream all the time that I'm pregnant again but when I wake up I have to face the reality that I will never be pregnant again. I had my tubes tied right after the birth of my last child in 2000. In 2008 I had to have a hysterectomy so my child bearing time was over for sure...

Anonymous said...

LOL! Isn't it funny that all the girls comment on Josiah? He's probably the most attractive one in the family! Well,some really like Joseph but he doesn't have really amazing looks like Josiah! Thanks a lot for your blog,L & E.

eli57 said...

Hi My name is Elaine & I am from the UK England Iwatch your show since it began in England ,It has been brought to my attention that you have lost your baby recently .My heart goes out to you I know what you are going through as some 30 yrs ago I lost 2 children but the love for them never goes away ,still to this day I think of what they would have done with there lives with lovexx

Brooke said...

Hello my name is Brooke & I'm the mother of 4 great kids & the reason I say they are so great is b/c when I needed them the most in my life they have been there what I mean is I got very bad sick with cancer & they came home to help take care of me Now 1 of them went back home but that is ok b/c now I'm doing great b/c I bet it & now my daughter is going to have a baby of her own I would just like to say I love ur show & I have got so much out if it & so have my kids ty so much & May God Bless u all.

Brianna S. said...

I have known about the Duggar family since I was 13. I am 19 now and I have loved them through the years. They are such a great encouragement. I love the idea of being apart of such a large family. I am the oldest of 6 children...so far :), and I love helping my mom take care of the family. Some may feel that Michele and Jim Bob are being lazy by asking their other children to help, but in reality, they are not. It takes a lot to run a family. And not just to run a family, but to keep it together. Imagine if all of the older kids just ran off and left their younger siblings to themselves because the older ones had things that they wanted to do rather then do the responsible and kind thing. These kids will all grow up someday and have families of their own, and they will need to be selfless and kind in order to properly handle life. I am learning that every day when I help my mom with my siblings. And even though I help, my mom still has a lot on her shoulders. I say that Michele and Jim Bob know what they are doing. And I am sure that no one has anything bad to say about the kids. So I am sure that everyone will agree that the Duggar family is obviously doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Adopting a child is wonderful,,more parents who want more children should think about adopting,,having so many children by natural birth does take a toll on women,,,in the same sense Michelle has a wonderful family. Point being, adopting a child can still be a wonderful way to add to ones family..

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful family!!!

Anonymous said...



Other people have other point of views. It doesn't mean that another person isn't a good parent.
If you have money to raise 19 kids thats GREAT!(: And you can be an awesome parent.
But it doesn't make other parents weaker in any way. Or less of a parent.

Anonymous said...

I love the duggar family. You are my inspiration. I admire the gentle and quiet spirit of Michelle. I love the way she has raised her girls to be modest. Duggar girls please rise and call her blessed.

Having many children is a choice one makes. It's scares me though I am convicted it is biblical. I celebrate the duggars.

@ Callie God blesses the fruit of your womb so I beleive every fruit has own blessing. No one has said your decision to have few is a sign of weakness, I guess it is about your faith. Thanks Duggars for beleiving his word.

David J said...

Hi, One of my dreams is to meet the Duggars if they come to MI I would do anything to meet them. The one I really want to meet is Jana It would really be cool to get her autograph. Great photos God bless

David J

Anonymous said...

Which Josh and Anna DVD?

lanavive said...

@Heatheri love the show and the kids have grown so fast i have been wonderig who the next one who is going to like someone

Ramona said...


A comment about Michelle NOT taking care of her kids? Clearly you my dear do not understand what the meaning of FAMILY really is. A real family works together for the good of the whole. There is no time for "me" in a healthy family dynamic. This is the biggest problem with the world today. Too many families have NO structure due to divorce etc. These are the kids who are lacking because they have no healthy family structure.

Unknown said...

I admire this family. It is really no one's business but theirs if they have 65 kids. I think God is pleased. Do you think He approves of the millions of babies aborted each year here in the US and especially in China? Think AGAIN. What a blessing these children are. From what I have seen and read these are happy, healthy children. Kids who love God and respect their parents. I would really love to hear what the community thinks about the behavior of the children.

Anonymous said...

There are so many children that don't have homes and the world IS overpopulated. If you don't believe so, each person still uses up Earth's natural resources (water, oil, etc.) just to live. To bring that many kids into a world that is lacking resources for the people that already live here is extremely selfish. Also, the Duggars don't seem to allow their children to express themselves how they choose. They are taught to look and act a certain way which is according to their parent's beliefs. I know from personal experience that it's very overwhelming and depressive to have to feel like you're only living to please your parents. It would be perfectly reasonable to assume there will be at least one Duggar child that will have problems in the future from the way they were brought up. The Duggars really aren't doing anyone any justice by having so many children, it's incredibly selfish and I would hope they rethink their ways before popping out another little "blessing".

Unknown said...

I'm 16 and I find it all interesting. My favorite person I Josiah I don't know I just think he is really cute. But like it would over happen.

Anonymous said...

19 and counting...

Anonymous said...

jim bob wont let the girls marry, as he once said that he don't no what he would do without his girls, they look after
him, they also do all the house-work, cleaning, washing, cooking, babysitting, shopping, it is a shame, they have there own lives to live, there own dreams, if they are allowed to have any, yes have lots of children by all means, but you cant keep them forever, they deserve to have a life too

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Debbie and I was wondering what are the Duggars thoughts regarding alcoholic beverages?? Thank You

Anonymous said...


Thats cool!

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Debbie,

Glad you stopped by our blog. To answer your question, the Duggars have chosen to abstain from alcoholic beverages.

~Lily and Ellie

JenneyFG said...


Obviously 19 is a lot, but who are you to judge? These people are taking care of their own and it's not for you to say if there are too many? Which children shouldn't exist in your opinion? Why should you or I exist then?

Anonymous said...

I've made some bad choices and i have a sweet 16 month old boy who i love so much. im going through a rough time with his dad who just moved on to his next girlfriend in a matter of months of us splitting. He barely sees his son and he wants his new girlfriend to be able to come over when he sees his son but i'm not ready for that. I'm thinking about trying to get full custody of our son because his dad has a drinking problem he can get really aggressive and hes a paranoid schizophrenia who decided to stop taking his medicine. He sees his son for about 5 to 20 minutes once or twice a week and then leaves to hang with his new girlfriend and our son cries when he leaves. He thinks allowing his kids to do whatever they want at a young age and then suffering the consequences for them. His oldest son when he hits at school get a talking to then sent to his room to play with his toys and watch movies til he feels like he wants to deal with him. His oldest is 6 and has no bedtime just stays up and watches movies and plays video games until he wants to go to bed so if he has a bad day at school his dad says it was his own choice. I don't want that for my lil one. My little guy fusses and throw tantrums when things don't go his way like any kid his age but his dad says im not being a good parent because im apparently babying him and i tell him he really has no say because hes barely helped take care of him. Its been all my responsibility because he believes i got pregnant on purpose and stole his baby so its my burden to provide and get up all night and cook and clean while having a job while he sat around and played video games all day. I just want whats best for my son any advice would be much appreciated thank you so much. Have a great day!!!

cst432007 said...

I read and look at all your wonderful pictures of your family. I am disabled and on a fixed income so I don't have cable television. I had to choose between internet or cable and I choose internet. Keep me (and I'm sure others) posted on here! I ask Jesus to keep your family in His care. Thank you, Connie Teeters

AnnDee said...

As a young married mom of 2, it would be a dream to meet Michelle Duggar. I'd love to ask her a few motherhood questions. I'm encouraged by her and Jim Bob every episode I watch. She's a true mom hero of the faith. Will they be coming to Indianapolis any time soon?? :)

Timothy K said...

I don't know why but for some reason I really enjoy this show. Their like the perfect family. I wonder what their like when the cameras aren't around? Also what kind of music do they listen to, are any of them into metal? Disturbed, Metallica, Korn, Avenged Sevenfold? Or are they all strict christian and only listen to the church music? I'm christian but I love metal.

Anonymous said...

@Timothy KThere have been numerous comments made by the camera crews from various outlets who all say the same,"What you see is what you get."little children are a pretty sure bet that it's authentic, as they are truly honest,sometimes to a fault,lol!Sincerely,NAT from Nebr.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Is this a TV series or real life?

Unknown said...

parents are called to have their own children and be open to however many children God gives them. Adoption is not a replacement for having your own chidden.

Wendy said...

Does Michelle or Jim Bob actually read and answer peoples questions on these blogs? Before I ask a question.

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Wendy,

The Duggars do visit the blog, but they don't have time to respond to comments.

~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

Hi I love 19 kids and counting and can't wait till next Tuesday for the new episode!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you post some pics of the Duggars when there was only 4 or 5?

Unknown said...

I know that Jim Bob and Michelle do not believe in dancing although I don't know why. I get the so-called provocative styles but why not ballet and or ballroom style dancing? I just hope they don't deny their daughters of a father/daughter dance and their sons a mother/son dance on their wedding day. I hope that the bride and groom dance isn't forbidden on their children's wedding days because of the Duggars ( Jim Bob and Michelle) beliefs of no dancing. There are proper and tasteful ways to dance. Where does this belief come from? Did Jim Bob and Michelle dance at their wedding? I just hope that the Duggar children make the choice with their bride or groom to be whether or not they want to dance with their parents and also their spouses regardless of whether the Duggar parents approve or not. It will be the children's wedding day after all and should be their decision to carry on that tradition or not. Christians do dance after all.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is W.H.B and if its all right with Jim Bob and Michelle can you put some pics on of their first wedding? I notest on when they were renewing their vows there where pics of them in the background. I'd like to see them big if you would upload.

Unknown said...

Hey guys! There are like a gazillion posts on this page but please Duggar girls can you let us ladies who are trying to be modest and really reflect Christ in our dressing..Could you please do an OOTD type of thing and let us know where you shop? I recently got convicted about modesty and I'm in the process of revamping my wardrobe..it's exciting and dawnting at the same time. You all look so pretty and modest and I just want to know where you get your tanks, your knee-length denim skirts and all that other fun stuff!!!!! I hope you see this post and I hope you consider doing this! Thanks so much for being awesome role models! God bless you and your parents!

Anonymous said...

When s woman reaches a certain age pregnancy is fraught with possible complications for both mother and baby. God does not set natu ral laws in place to have them be ignored.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for all these wonderful pictures, Lily and Ellie!! It is great to see the changes from when the kids were little to now when they are older!! :) Would you have any baby photos of the older Duggar kids or from when they were really little? Could you post them up and name each photo for us? Thanks and God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes and our family prayers for Jill & Derick on their beautiful beginning into holy matrimony!
Look forward to seeing the pictures and all the fun they had on their special day.
If showers prevail they are simply tears of joy :)

Anonymous said...

I hope in time Ben and Jesse find their balance and support is always there as they grow closer in preparation for an official engagement.
There is so much responsibility on Ben to prepare a loving and stable home for Jesse so taking their time and careful planning is imperative with many prayers for guidance.

The Duggar family is so blessed. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Jana found her soulmate? She is sooo sweet along with the other young ladies, I wish them all a blessed future!!!!!

The Hollis said...

Plz update stuff about Jessa and Ben .all the attention is on Josh and Anna and derick and Jill what about Jessa and Ben ?? And really wish Jana would find her prince to .then jinger.

Pamela said...

Just am so happy that the "Duggars" share their lives with us. The family is amazing and so refreshing to watch. Thank you all so very much♥

Anonymous said...

could you post wedding pictures of Jill and derek Josh and anna and Jessa and ben?

Deane said...

Dear Duggar Family,
how do you become a Duggar for a day?
blessings, Isabella

Anonymous said...

Do any member of this family have higher education?

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if there is any truth to the rumor that Jana may be linked to a sport figure named Tivott? if not is she courting anyone at this time.

Anonymous said...

I love the duggar family you are my favorite person in the world I think about you people every day and night time I always watching you show

Unknown said...

Hola !!!! Soy española me encanta la familia Duggar y su espectáculo , ojala aquí en España echaran este programa y ojala hicieran mas programas así ,me encanta , por favor lo pido ,traducir al español , enhorabuena a la familia y al programa ,seguir así sois maravillosos

Anonymous said...

I know the duggars! I really do! josh and anna i,ve even been to there house before

Anonymous said...

My favorite couple is Jessa and Ben. They are Sooo cute together!

Anonymous said...

I am 11 years old and I am a HUGE fan of yalls. We know someone who has met you but unfortunately we weren't there to see y'all to :( I hope to see y'all some day!

Keep up the good work,

Anonymous said...

Wishing many more blessings to your family. Proud to see a family on TV that does not convert their faith or dignity for ratings.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching the Duggars for the last nine years and it's great to see big families because my mom is 1 of 21 children that my grandmother had and a big family is always fun. I enjoy seeing the children courting/getting married because this is how we should show our children the value of marriage. Keep up the good work and enjoy raising you children and watching your children have children of their own and always remember to enjoy your grandchildren as while.

Unknown said...

I love watching the Duggars family I wish I had a big family like that when I was growing up, you guys are the best, it's the best thing that's been on TV in a long time and it teaches a lot of great morals. I am Christian to but have been going through some rough stuff the last few years, and haven't been to church in many years now I want to start going again since I've been watching your show, I was angry with God but now I think I am getting through a few things slowly but surly and now I think I have my faith in him again. Dear Duggars family can you pray for me and my health it would be so helpful to me I cherish your family they are beautiful and kind and just a great group.

Unknown said...

Its nice to watch a show (TLC)that lets the family have freedom to express their Christian views I know the Duggars are spreading the word through the show and it must make them very happy to touch and teach so many people. Thank you all the Duggars for a wonderful 10 years God Bless.

diane said...

Keep your faith...You are being embraced by much prayer....Your witness continues to be full of grace.....persevere with patience and trust.

Debi Rodriguez said...

Love, love, love their show. Josie is a cutie, she looks almost identical to mom. We are only human, the only one ever born perfect was Jesus Christ and He died so that we may live,Amen. There are always things done in the past that are so graciously taken from us by Jesus, no one else has that power. I am a reborn incest survivor, Believe me we can and do forgive.

Anonymous said...

could you maybe update the pictures and add a few for 2015? blessings, Beth

Anonymous said...

I love you guys. You are a wonderful family. TLC made a BIG mistake taking you off the air!!! If everyone had Ladies like your girls it would be a better world.

Anonymous said...

Hi! it's nice to see how this family serves God.
My classmates and I, read a book about them, Do you know how can i contact them, to send us a message? something like an email?
Thanks a lot
God Bless u

Lily and Ellie said...

Hi there,

You can contact the Duggars via the Contact page on their blog: http://duggarfamily.com/contact.

Thanks for reading. :)
Lily and Ellie

Unknown said...

I love The Duggars. I wonder why some of the fans have to be so cruel on all of the Duggars. What would they do if someone said the same things to them

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