Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Double the Trouble, Double the Blessings

In a recent post on TLC Parentables, Michelle Duggar talks about her twins.

Jana and John David, the second and third oldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 19 children, were born 22 months after Josh.

As they were growing, I realized that they were so different from each other. One was so laid back, and the other one was so energetic and into everything. John David just watched Jana because she had enough energy for both of them.

Viewers have often commented on how soft-spoken and calm Jana is, but behind that quiet spirit is a lot of spunk. Jana was walking by the time she was eight months old, while the rest of the Duggar kids didn't take their first steps until 12 months.

Because Jana was always getting into things, of course, she was always having to be trained and corrected a little more because I’d say, “No no, you don’t climb up on that shelf because you could fall and hurt yourself.” John would watch and probably think, “I’m not going near that!”

Even to this day, I think Jana will take more chances. She doesn’t mind making a mistake on something because she can always go back and fix it really quickly, and still get done in the same amount of time. John David, he is very steady and methodical. 

And John's personality fits him well because he has recently earned his pilot wings. No one wants to fly in a plane with a pilot who is a risk taker.

Two weeks before Jana and John David's ninth birthday, the second set of Duggar twins was born, Jedidiah and Jeremiah.

...They’re the same as Jana and John David in that their personalities are almost opposite. One took off fast, and the other one was more steady and slow. 

Jed and Jer, who recently celebrated their 15th birthday, are very close, but Michelle says their personalities are still completely different.

It’s really interesting to see how their personalities play out later in life. They really were there from the time they were little.


  1. My brother got his pilots license at 17 and its a lot of fun getting to fly with him. He is a risk taker but not when he is flying.

  2. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt convictions with America and the rest of the world at such a critical time in our Lord's word. Your values seem to align themselves so perfectly with Jesus's word. I see courage, conviction, and love.

  3. Happy 15th birthday!! Wow they are so big now. Jedidiah and Jeremiah look a lot different but they also look like they are really close. Same with Jana and John David. I have a big family but we have no twins. : ( but I am really close to all of my siblings in their own special way. It is really good to be close to your siblings because you will be very happy later in life. Good for you!!! ; )

  4. This was very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Why do you make your older kids raise the younger ones? Child abuse!

  6. Hey! I saw this morning that the Today Show posted an article about the Duggars this morning. Were they on the today show or was this just information that the Duggars shared with the Today Show? Thank you so much for you wonderful blog! God Bless!

  7. What are Jana and john doing in the top picture?

  8. HI.....

    I've used blogspot for quite a while at

    It is wonderful to watch your family grow ;)

  9. Sam, the older kids do not "raise" the younger ones. There is nothing wrong with siblings helping to take care of each other... they're all a part of the family and they love each other enough to be willing to contribute. They're all learning how to be mature, responsible, kind, godly young men and women. They're a blessing to watch!

  10. @Sarah Rayburn

    Hi Sarah,

    The photo at the top was taken during a tour of the Arkansas Treasury last January.

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Lily and Ellie

  11. sam, if you don't like the way they are raising their kids, no one is forcing you to read this. They are teaching their kids to have a servant's heart and to be god parents one day...that's biblical and morally acceptable not child abuse.... also , if you had 19 kids, you'd ask for help too... leave them alone.

  12. As the parent of two sets of twins, I also saw with each set, one being very laid back and one more of a go getter. (Or mischievous) Although they are my only children, I love watching your family grow.

  13. Being the mother of two sets of twins, I also saw one being very laid back and one being more of a go - getter. I have loved looking at their differences as they grow. Although they are my only children, I have truly enjoyed watching the Duggar family grow.

  14. Is there going to be another season???

  15. I have a set of boy girl 11 month old twins. Like your Jana was, my Julianne has enough energy for her and her brother, Luke. They have completely different personalities. Luke is calm and laid back while Julianne is opposite. Love them both.

  16. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous 16,

    New episodes return on April 1st. Here is the link to the post that gives the details:

    ~Lily and Ellie


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