Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday on the Duggar Family Blog

Ellie loves her Hawaiian flower Flexi Clip
Are you a serious Black Friday shopper? Well we have some deals for you! This sale is courtesy of Sarah, a loyal reader and an independent Lilla Rose consultant. Sarah has also offered to partner with us for another Flexi Clip giveaway, which will take place next week.

Ever heard of the Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose? These unique hair clips are not only beautiful, but they are also super quick and easy to use --a huge blessing for a busy mama. Made from the same wire used in piano strings, Flexi Clips are strong and durable.

From now until midnight PST on Sunday, December 1st, get 20% off all Lilla Rose items, including a limited selection of 2013 Flexis of the Month. Lilla Rose is also offering 25-50% off select items and FREE shipping on orders over $50. A special holiday Flexi will be released, and the Winter Wonderland, December Flexi of the Month will be available for limited back order.

We are hosting a Lilla Rose party. Click here to start shopping.

(Expected delivery date is December 18th, although delivery before Christmas cannot be guaranteed.)


  1. Ellie looks gorgeous! How old is she?
    I'm so jealous of her long hair!:)


  2. I thought this blog was about the Duggars...

  3. Do the duggars Black Friday shopping?


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