Sunday, May 6, 2012

Michelle Duggar on Learning Curves

As a homeschool mom of nineteen, Michelle Duggar has dealt with various degrees of learning difficulties. Each child develops at a different rate, and she constantly reminds her kids that they are all unique. She tailors their homeschooling program to fit each child's needs and abilities.  

Michelle writes in her latest TLC Parentables post: The times that the kids were struggling I'd think, "Oh, my, I'm not a good teacher. I'm not getting it across." I had to figure out [how] their minds worked. It was amazing -- some excelled in English but not math, while others were great at math but had a hard time [with] English.

Talking with Jim Bob about his childhood speech impediment and reading challenges has helped Michelle to understand the struggles that some of their children are faced with. It may take several days of going through the same lesson before a particular child grasps the concept, but Michelle has learned to keep pressing onward toward the goal.

I didn't focus on and fret about the age that the kids were able to read by, whether it was sheet music or reading lessons.

Michelle also recommends that parents seek professional guidance if necessary.

We have speech therapist friends who practiced with our kids. It's something that as a parent I know can help encourage a child to learn and give them a new set of tools to work with.

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  1. my mother teaches a family of 10. i dont know how she did it

  2. Michelle Duggar is so knowledgeable when it comes to homeschool. I'm homeschooled and hope to homeshcool my children when I get older. I help out with my younger siblings. I always try to take what I learn from Mrs. Duggar and use it towards my siblings. I think they are doing better in school because of it!

  3. Such a blessing to hear another homeschool mom about dealing with childrens stuggles. Just what I needed today. I have a child whom cannot sit still and has alot of problems reading. Thank you for sharing, it is encourging!

  4. speech therapistMay 7, 2012 at 1:02 PM

    It's good to know there's a speech therapist around. I was really worried about Jennifer's speech problems...

  5. sorry, a little off topic, but when you (lillie and ellie) met the duggars, how did you feel? seriously, it is my dream in life to meet them but currently cannot afford flights to the places they are going. if you are able, in any way at all to get in touch with them, TLC, or the show manager, please let them know that their BIGGEST fans are in New England. please please please!!
    thank you so much for this blog, i appreciate what you do. god bless

  6. Hi all I am a Mother of 15 and a homeschooler as well. I have taught school but only in Private school.Iam now in College to get my Masters in General Education and Special Education. The first time I taught a regular ed class I had a little girl that needed a little help and I wasnt sure what to do so I prayed and asked God to help me help her and he did! I was told by a great friend at Church that there is a book by Cynthia Ulrich Tibias, she is a Christian Writter. It is called Every Child Can Learn. Like Mrs Michelle is saying you do need to know the learning styles of the children that you teach. This book taught me this and how to identify that every child learns differently. I took this knowledge and because of this God was able to use me to identify this little girls learning style and it help make her a seccussful and confident student. Its a great book I reccomend it to all of my friends. Thank you Mrs. Michelle for being such a Blessing to those of us who have homeschooled children. God Bless All of you.
    Beth Ann
    Loves Park IL.


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