Saturday, April 14, 2012

Teaching Character the Duggar Way

In her latest Parentables post, Michelle Duggar shares how she instills character qualities in her children.

Pulling from a chart of 49 character qualities (click here to view), the Duggars focus on one per month.

For thirty days, Michelle and the kids brainstorm ways to act out that month's character quality in their home.

"During the month that we focused on gratefulness, we wanted to express the way God and others have benefited our lives," writes Michelle. "One day all of us wrote down on little pieces of paper what we were thankful for that day and shared it at dinner."

"I helped the little ones who couldn't write," continues the mom of many, "and it was so great to take a minute out to hear things like, 'Thank you for showing me how to match the clean socks and fold them so they don't go missing' or 'Thank you for helping me with my music practice."'

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  1. You know I have been wanting to go through the 49 qualitys, maybe your blog could do them like one a week or something!!!!

  2. I wonder why they do not have servant hood

    1. I would think qualities like hospitality and generosity do teach servanthood.

  3. Hi,
    Could anyone tell me when the show, "The Bates Family: Baby Makes Nineteen" comes on?

  4. @Brittany

    Hi Brittany,

    "The Bates Family: Baby Makes 19" was an hour-long special that premiered in March. This summer, TLC will air eight, half-hour episodes about the family but have not yet announced the start date.

    Thanks for reading!
    Lily and Ellie

  5. These traits are great to have but I dislike the authoritarian approach. We are not designed to be clones of one another. Besided the Duggars do not live up to all of them.

    1. In my humble opinion the Duggars are not authoritarian but authoritative which is a good thing. Big difference.
      Also, they repeatedly admit to being imperfect and like all of us, are continually growing and maturing.
      Being a close family of course they have similairties but I think they do a great job of supporting one another's uniqueness and individuality.
      What's funny to me as that you and I form these opinions about real peoples lives based on what we know of them from television!

  6. Let's pray for the Duggars and for the people in the south that are having severe weather right now. There is possibility of a tornado, hail, and wind, but the Duggars have not been hit by any severe weather right now.


  7. Do the Duggar kids have any friends who are not evangelical Christians? Would such a friendship be permitted, but only in the hope of converting someone to the "right" religious belief system? Have they ever had a friendship with a kid who was a Jew, a Muslim, a Unitarian or a member of any of the world's many diverse religions?
    How about one-on-one friendships with other kids who are not part of the Duggar clan? Are those permitted or does the entire family interact with the outside world as a unit?

  8. @roddma

    This has nothing to do with being "clones of one another." Jim Bob and Michelle are teaching their children morals. No one is perfect, and the Duggars do not profess to be. They are simply fulfilling their roles as parents and educators.


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