Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photos of You and the Duggars?

Hi Readers!

Have any photos of you (or someone you know) meeting the Duggars? Email them to us at, and we will post them to our Photos page!

Have a fabulous weekend!
~Lily and Ellie


  1. I met the Duggars at a book signing in Ohio. I just wanted to meet them, see them in real life, and get a signed book. Everyone was taking photos which seemed weird to me. After shaking hands and briefly chatting with Michelle and Jim Bob, I walked away- they seemed surprised I didn't want a picture. One of the bookstore employees said she'd take it for me (realizing I was there by myself) and so I relented and got a photo. But still, I'm surprised the Duggars are okay with the celebrityness of it all and exposing their kids to it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of the Duggars and of them promoting a Christian lifestyle, but I felt weird about the photo. And for being a girl wearing pants. :)

  2. yes i have some pictures of me meeting the duggars at one of their book singings in ohio and some of the pictures is hard see and i can tell you who is in them

    --- brittani .b


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