Monday, October 15, 2018

Game Day

"I think Ben has a great personality for being a coach. He can be firm when he needs to, but he's also a super loving guy. And so, I think that he would be one to get out there and push the kids to be their best but also encourage them [and] not be a downer."
-Jessa Seewald

A few days ago, we shared a video showing footage of Ben Seewald's meeting with Arkansas HAWKS football coaches in preparation for an upcoming game. In the clip below, you'll watch Ben help the team out by assuming the role of assistant coach for the special teams unit.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Friday, October 12, 2018

Coaching with Ben Seewald

Ben Seewald is looking forward to coaching alongside Steve Conley, former defensive end and linebacker for the University of Arkansas and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Do you remember when Ben helped run a football camp with Steve? In this video he and Jessa meet with some of the coaches to prepare for an upcoming game.

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Duggar #16 Turns 13

Three days after celebrating Mackynzie's 9th birthday, it's time for the Duggars to honor yet another family member turning one year older. Today is Johannah Duggar's 13th birthday, which means she is officially a teenager. At this point, only three of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 19 children are still "children."

Johannah Duggar birthday

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Felicity Vuolo at 12 Weeks

Felicity Vuolo
Felicity Vuolo, 12 weeks
Felicity Vuolo is almost 12 weeks old. We think she's looking more and more like her mama each day, right down to her facial expressions.

Below are links to past posts that include photos of Felicity, as well as a snapshot of Jinger as a baby.

3 weeks old
4 weeks old
1 month old
6 weeks old
8 weeks old

Jinger Duggar baby
Jinger Duggar, baby photo

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Oldest Grand-Duggar Turns 9

Wishing Mackynzie Duggar a very happy 9th birthday!

Photos courtesy, Josh and Anna Duggar

Saturday, October 6, 2018

10 Years of Reality TV

Duggars and Lauren Swanson
The Duggars with Lauren Swanson's family in the earlier days of the show (2010)

When the Duggars first appeared on weekly reality TV on September 29th, 2008, they had no idea what it would eventually become. Ten years and nearly 300 episodes later, and they are still going strong. From 17 Kids and Counting to 18 Kids and Counting to 19 Kids and Counting to Counting On, the title has changed to reflect the growing clan, but the love, faith, and family values of the stars have remained the same.

If you visit our Watch Full Episodes page, you'll find a full listing of episodes, as well as links to our recaps starting in season four, around the 60th episode. Our blog has been going strong for almost as long as the show has.

How long have you been watching the show and reading our blog?

In case you missed our post last month, this year is also the 14th anniversary of the Duggars' first television special, "14 Children and Pregnant Again."

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Wedding and a Giveaway

There isn't any Duggar news to report today, but the Bates family, close friends of the Duggars, have a big event coming up tomorrow. Josie Bates is marrying Kelton Balka! Visit our Bates blog for details of their rehearsal. And head on over to Ellie's lifestyle blog,, to enter the giveaway that she is running this week.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Josiah Did WHAT?!

During last night's Counting On season finale episode (be sure to read our recap), Josiah Duggar shares a piece of information that is a big, well, awkward. As most of you know, it is common for soon-to-be-married Duggar couples to discuss their upcoming first kiss, just to make sure they are on the same page. Josiah, however, takes it one step further and actually practices the first kiss on his hand, as he reveals in the video below. Do you think he will ever live that one down?

Photo/video courtesy TLC

Monday, October 1, 2018

'Josiah and Lauren's Prank-less Wedding?' Recap

Counting On "Josiah and Lauren's Prank-less Wedding?"

  • One week before the wedding, Lauren says she is on the edge of her seat. She appreciates Josiah’s leadership qualities, and Josiah appreciates that Lauren is always there for him.
  • Josiah and Lauren each write down 52 reasons why they love the other so they can read one every week during their first year of marriage.
  • In Texas, Jinger (about 30 weeks along in her pregnancy) and Jeremy take a birthing class with their midwife, during which they practice different labor positions and breathing techniques. “It’s definitely sinking in after this class that the baby is soon to be here,” says Jeremy.
  • Of labor and delivery, Austin says: “It’s our time to show her how much we care about her.”
  • Lauren’s sister Lily, the second oldest in the Swanson family, hosts a coed tea party in honor of the bride and groom. She goes all out with fine china and lots of tea and tasty food.
  • The guests, members of both sides of the family, are all dressed in fancy clothes. Ben compares it to a Jane Austen film.
  • Family and Friends gather at the Cathedral of the Ozarks (the same venue where Jinger and Jeremy had their wedding) to help Michelle’s childhood friend Cindy, the wedding designer, set up for the big event. The d├ęcor will be a surprise for the bride and groom. The Duggar brothers visit the grocery store to buy items to trash Josiah and Lauren’s getaway car.
  • The day before the wedding, even more family members and friends arrive to help. They make 1,000 strawberry shortcake cupcakes (200 gluten-free because Lauren and her mom are gluten-free and 800 regular). They also whip up a gluten-free strawberry shortcake wedding cake.
  • Right before the wedding rehearsal, Cindy unveils the decorations to Josiah and Lauren. The greenery and backdrop are in honor of Lauren’s childhood horse, Princess. They both love it.
  • At the rehearsal, Dwain requests that no pranks be played inside the sanctuary, and he asks that everyone raise their hands to promise. The siblings raise their hands, although they don’t quite agree with it.
  • “I told Jeremy, I was like, ‘I feel like this is an injustice,’” says Jinger. “It’s really hard to refrain from doing anything at Josiah’s wedding, but he kind of deserves it.”
  • “We’re like, that’s not right,” says Jana. “Sorry, buddy, but you have it coming.”
  • On the morning of the wedding, Josiah and Lauren show up at the church together, and then they part ways to get ready. Lauren has decided to only get ready with her mom. “I knew it would be crazy that day, and I knew I’d want some quiet time,” says Lauren. Lauren’s mom has encouraged her to remember to treat her husband better than anybody else in the world.
  • Ahead of the ceremony, Josiah and Lauren have their first look inside the sanctuary. It’s a slightly awkward moment, as first looks often are, but they are both beaming. They pray together, and then it’s go time.
  • Lauren and Dwain walk down the aisle to “Crown Him with Many Crowns.” Before she joins Josiah, Lauren reads a note that she wrote for her dad, expressing how much she loves him. “My dad and I are very close,” says Lauren. “He and Josiah are the only two people who can calm me down.”
  • After lighting the unity candle, signing the marriage certificate, and praying together, Lauren and Josiah are ready for their first kiss. “A lot better than the hand,” Josiah says afterwards. He admitted to having practiced the kiss on his hand.
  • At the reception, the bride and groom feed each other cake. Josiah wants to “get” Lauren, but Lauren beats him to the punch be smearing it on his nose.
  • “You’re not supposed to have a favorite wedding, but this is my favorite wedding,” says Jessa. “You could just see the affection, the tenderness, the love.”
  • When Josiah and Lauren arrive at what they think is their getaway car, they remove the wrapping paper and then realize it’s a junk car. Their actual getaway car, a Camaro, is covered in sticky notes.
  • The couple is headed to Austria for their honeymoon. “It really was a neat feeling, driving away just the two of us,” says Lauren. But the brothers have one more prank in store. Justin is hiding in the backseat! They quickly let him out and are on their way.
  • At the end of the show, John introduces viewers to Abbie Burnett. “I want everyone to know that I love John,” says Abbie. laughing. “I'm a nurse. I’ve worked with geriatrics for several years, and I love that. I love my family. That’s about it.”
  • Although the Duggars have known of the Burnetts for about 18 years, the family only officially met Abbie one month before Josiah’s wedding. “They were shocked,” says John of the moment when he brought Abbie home, just two weeks after meeting her himself. He says that Joy started bawling and gave him a big hug.
  • “We met on a Sunday,” says John. “I kind of confirmed our interest in each other on Monday, and then the next Monday, so a week after, we began courting. If you know it’s the right one, don’t wait around.” “If the light’s a green, you go,” agrees Abbie.

Duggar Payback Prank

Jedidiah Duggar and Jeremiah Duggar
Jeremiah Duggar and Jedidiah Duggar

Jeremiah Duggar: "At the Duggar trashing is just something that you're just supposed to do."

Jedidiah Duggar: "Josiah is really the prankster for the family, and so he's pulled some pretty good tricks over the years

Joseph Duggar: "[It's] well-deserved payback."

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are headed to the altar on tonight's Counting On season finale episode. But they had better watch their backs because the Duggar guys are preparing a payback prank for their dear brother (video below).

Photo/video courtesy TLC