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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

3 GrandDuggars and Counting

"We are so thrilled and so excited to have our third grandchild!" writes Michelle Duggar in her latest TLC Parentables post. "Josh and Anna are doing such a wonderful job as parents already."

When asked if she has any words of wisdom for her son and daughter-in-law, now that they are the parents of three children, Michelle responds: "My only advice to them would be to continue doing what they’ve been doing!"
The entire Duggar family is overjoyed at the arrival of Marcus. "The girls love being aunts to Mackynzie," writes Michelle. "And my boys! The minute Anna walks through the door with those little ones, my James or my Justin will run up, just snatch Michael from her and take off playing together, and he loves it."

The mother of 19 recalls on day in particular, when Mackynzie and Michael came over to play soon after Jordyn had her tonsils removed: "[Jordyn} wasn’t feeling great and didn’t really want to eat anything so Mackynzie put her arm around her and said, 'It’s okay Jordan, come over here and sit on the couch and I’ll take care of you.'" Michelle says that Mackynzie gets her caring heart from Anna, who "really pours her time into loving and training her little ones."

"I am so thrilled with how she and Josh work together as a team and they’re doing such a great job," says Michelle. 

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Elena said...

michelle is an amazing mother, no wonder her son and daughter in law are amazing too..

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily and Ellie
Is the duggars changing their show name on TLC?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Josh and Anna! And welcome Marcus! You all must be thrilled! Going to be sad tho when you move to DC!

Mellissa Saucedo said...

The way Anna and Michelle respect and affirm one another is such a testimony to the character of Christ. Both great moms and I love seeing virtues being passed down and taught through the generations and through the in-law relationship. :)

pga127 said...

I pray Michelle truly means every word and loves her beautiful grandchildren. This is the "new season" of her life-loving grandchildren.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Josie is such a great aunt considering she's pretty little. It's funny how she's younger then her niece Mackynzie. But she's older than her nephews Michael and Marcus. Great job to Josie! I love her- she earns a golden star! :)

Deb said...

All the members of the Duggar family seem to interact with each other in such a loving way. Michelle is such a good mother and so soft spoken. Proof that yelling and loud doesn't work. I wish I had been more like her when my 2 boys were little. I yelled sometime and I really wish I hadn't. Thankfully my sons grew into loving, caring men that I am very proud of.

Kirsty Louise Morley said...

Hi, I'm wondering if you can help me? In the photo with three little Duggar girls (with Josie in the middle) can you tell me which little girl is Jordyn and which little girl is Macknyzie? I'm sorry, I just can't tell them apart in this photo. Very best of wishes, Kirsty in Warrington, Cheshire, England.

momto9 said...

I love the duggar family!! So inspirational!!

Lily and Ellie said...

@Kirsty Louise Morley

Hi Kirsty,

Of course. Jordyn is on the left, and Mackynzie is on the right.

~Lily and Ellie

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