Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Tonight @ 9PM EST/8PM CST
19 Kids and Counting: Busy Duggars
The Duggars have a busy week ahead! First, Johannah turns six and learns to do things the big girl way, then Jim Bob takes the family hiking and fishing. Finally, the older girls and Cousin Amy let Grandma know just how much she means to them. 

Tonight @ 9:30PM EST/8:30PM CST
19 Kids and Counting: A Duggar on Her Own
Anna takes Mackynzie and Michael to the public library where she is going to be the guest reader at story time. Will Mackynzie and Michael sit still long enough to hear how the story ends? Jana is going to Michigan for her first-ever solo ministry trip.

Oct 2, 9PM EST/8PM CST
19 Kids and Counting: Grand Ole Duggars
The family heads to Nashville to help out with a charity event called Laundry Love! Later, the older girls speak at an emotionally charged speaking engagement. Finally, the family rounds out the trip by visiting the famous Grand Ole Opry.
Oct 2, 9:30PM EST/8:30PM CST
19 Kids and Counting: Hunting and House Guests
Newlyweds, David and Priscilla, visit the Duggars fresh off their honeymoon! Later, the Duggars go on a turkey hunt! Will Jinger and Jim Bob bag the first bird or will Joseph and Josiah be bringing home the turkey bacon?

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Abi McGraw said...

Whoa! I never would have thought the DUGGARS would go hunting. Of ANY kind! Least of all Jinger! Do ya'll know where the went fishing? That pic location looked kinda familiar. Thanks for the post!

pga127 said...

I'm disgusted to learn in an upcoming episode the Duggars will be hunting.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I can not wait!! Thanks For telling us what was coming up next! :-)
God bless!!
Don't Quit!!
Catherine K

Anonymous said...

thanks can't wait to watch!

Anonymous said...

Lily and Ellie,

Would you happen to know if next weeks two episodes will be the ending to season 6?

Thanks, k

Lauren Davidson said...

Johannah is almost 7!!!! why are we watching her 6th birthday???

Anonymous said...

Because by the time it makes it to air it's 6mth to year later I do wish they were faster at getti g things on air so we were watching more current stuff

Anonymous said...

But it is although strange because Johannahs 6th birthday was months before the loss of Jubilee and it is sent now????!!!!
However, I love the show and thanks a lot for posting all the news and episodes!

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi k,

According to the TLC schedule, next week will not be the end of season 6.

~Lily and Ellie

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