Thursday, April 19, 2012

Watch New Episodes of "19 Kids and Counting" Online

Wondering where you can watch the latest episodes of 19 Kids and Counting online? We have located four shows from season six. Click each title to watch the corresponding full episode. To watch previous seasons, visit our Watch Full Episodes page.

Swerve & Serve 3/13/12 
Boys Day Out

Episodes are available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.  

*Side note: The Bates' reality series will premiere in June on TLC.

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Emma said...

Do you know what the Bates TV show will be called? Just wondering.

Mea said...

The Bates are going to have their own series? That's awesome! I'll look forward to that :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Lily and Ellie for finding the episodes! Do you know when the season will continue?
Thanks again! Love your blog!!!

Godly-young-widow said...

I look forward to it too! Thank you so much for finding these episodes. Hopefully the creator of this website will be able to post the other ones too

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to watch the season finale (A Duggar Loss) online? I can't seem to find it anywhere!

Joanna said...

That is so wonderful for you to find those and post them! :)

Lily and Ellie said...


TLC has not yet announced the start date of the new season, but we will post it when they do.

We are honored to have you as a reader!
Lily and Ellie

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Emma,

TLC has chosen a name for the Bates' show but have not yet released it to the public.

~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!! We don't have television, so it really is a blessing when you post the links to these videos. :)

Hanna Becca said...

Do you know where I can watch the Bates Family special online?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Lilly and Ellie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lily and Ellie!! :) You guys do such an awesome job with this awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this awesome site, Lily and Ellie. Could you please be kind enough to tell me the title and by whom these episodes were posted on Youtube? I ask this because on my mobile phone, the link only lets me access the first part of the episode. If I had the Youtube poster & title information, I could look up the other parts of the episodes on Youtube. Thanks!

Lily and Ellie said...


Thanks for your kind words about our blog! We are honored to have you as a reader. "Planning the Future" is composed of six parts, each called "19 kids and counting season premiere part __." They are uploaded by duggarfamilyfans.

"Duggars in Space" and "Swerve & Serve" are on a website called Dailymotion, uploaded by carebearfan. Each is composed of a single, 21-minute video.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

a full series? i thought it was just 8 shows will the duggars come back or no?

Lily and Ellie said...


That is correct, it will be an eight-show reality series. :)

Lily and Ellie

Trina said...

you can watch the newest episodes on

hope you enjoy it, love from germany

Anonymous said...

The youtube channel bluebubblegumrox has the very latest episodes including the trip to Asia x

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