Friday, February 24, 2012

Two Duggar Interviews

While in New York City last week, Jim Bob and Michelle spoke with Fox News about politics, birth control, giving individual attention to nineteen children, and an array of other topics. 

Tune in later today to Anderson, an American talk show, for another Duggar interview. To find out the time and channel for your area, visit, and click the "Show Info" tab (under the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube icons). Type in your zip code and click the red "Find It" button.

After the show, we will do our best to locate the video online. 


  1. What a great interview! The interviewer was kind of condescending ("How do you feed all of those kids? Do you get hand outs or food stamps?"), but the Duggars were so gracious! love them!

  2. Dear Michele and Jim Bob and family.
    Watching your show gives me hope for the world and all of its lost souls. Your children are all so kind and well behaved unlike when we go out to eat and there are families with 1 or 2 that cannot control them at all. In fact I have 2 grandchildren that are uncontrolable but I have no say so about that.
    The older girls are just amazing with the children. They are smart, beautiful and very mature. I am sure the faithful training they had has all to do with that. Your family should be a model for all families in this world no matter what the number of children is. Please know what a great inspiration you are and I wish you had been around when I was raising my family. I would have done a lot of things different. God bless you greatly with his love and health.
    Sincerely in Christ,

  3. To the person that said the interviewer was condescending... I don't think so. I can't comprehend what it would be like to parent 19 children so he just wants to know. Also the question about food stamps was from a viewer, not him. Props to Jim Bob for chiming in and correcting Michelle that they have 2 children in Heaven. If she really has a heart for children, why does she often forget about Caleb? It's so very sad.

  4. :sigh:

    these interviews seems to be repeats of the same questions and it really comes across as ignorance on the part of the interviewer. I know people keep telling me they have to ask those questions for the public. the duggars have become quite refined in their responses and testifying even to the same questions over and over.

    on another note:
    the question about the birth control issue. she responded very "PC" in that she didn't actually answer his question. he asked if she believed in (?) a womans right to choose. i really wanted to hear her speak truth back to that and take a stand.

  5. @Anonymous

    i'm not questioning her heart for children. i do also question though how she and they have often not included Caleb even after just talking about him! really want the name of the show to reflect Caleb and Jubilee

  6. I also really wished that they would have stood up more for the right to life, rather than giving a PC answer. The question was designed that way though. I don't think there is a good way to answer that question in 2 seconds. No one is going to say that women "shouldn't have a choice" about their lives. The choice happens before conception, not after.

  7. Something I just don't get. This is a free country and all of you yell loud and clear that Michelle can have 50 children if she wants. Why, then, do you think it should be imposed on a woman that wants 2 children or no children at all to be forced to have them or just not have relations with her husband because there are you out there that want to impose your "no birth control" rule into the bedrooms of other people? Why don't you respectfully allow other people to have an opinion different than yours? You regularly chastise people that the number of children the Duggars have is their perfect right. Why isn't any other family's choice their own private choice to be respected by others? The Bible does not speak on birth control at all, nor does it promise more goodies in heaven for more children produced on earth. Having relations with one's husband is not a sin. Having relations with one's husband and using birth control is not a sin either and the Bible says nowhere that this is not allowed. In some Asian countries, you know, the law limits the number of children people can have. That is no more right or fair than trying to peek into everyone else's bedroom.

  8. michelle doesnt mention caleb because they didint know what the baby from the first miscarriage wasso that why she doesnt mention the baby

  9. Anon @ feb 24 7:41 pm. You are correct that it is a persons choice about how many children one has, And i also think it's wrong for me or anyone else to point out someone else is "wrong" for only wanting a small number of children. My beliefs are similar to that of the Duggars. My first point is, The bible refers to a man named onan. He was expected to sleep with his brothers wife because his brother died and left his wife childless. Rather than do his part, he "spilt his seed on the ground" and the end result? God killed him. He didnt want children and was refusing for his own selfish ambition and God killed him. Thats about the closest thing the bible described to a form of birth control. The bible does repeatedly say children are a blessing no matter what the number. And that He will provide. I think i would rather go with a topic God is obviously in favour of than go for something He is silent on and take a stab in the dark and hope im right. If He says they are a blessing, thats good enough for me. Unless i get a clear indication from His word about birth control. I won't even go near the stuff.Personal opinion. May not be the same as your's and thats okay.

  10. Mmolesy: I wish people would quit using that as a reference to God and birth control. Genesis 38: 8-10. It doesn't say Onan did not want to have children, it says that he knew the child would not be his so he did this to keep from producing offspring for his brother. It does not say he did not want to have children for his own selfish ambition. He was disobeying his father who instructed him to sleep with his brother's wife so he could produce off-spring for his brother. It says that what he did was wicked in God's sight so he killed him. It does not specify exactly what was the wickedness. Some people just assume it is the * spilling of the seed and not wanting to have children* that is the wickedness. Maybe it was the disobedience of his father that was the wickedness, maybe it was the spilling of the seed, maybe it was the evilness in his heart that did not want him to advance his brothers line, maybe it was the not producing off-spring for his brother's line. Maybe it was the fact that he didn't want to have a child that he knew would not be his. Maybe we should all err on the side of him meaning every one of them, but I wouldn't go as far as to preach that he is talking about any particular one as it does not exactly specify and we do not know God's exact thoughts so we cannot assume we do know. It seems to me that that might fall under the lines of adding to His Word.
    Deut 4: 1-2
    Proverbs 30: 5-6
    Revelation 22:18-19
    Just a bit of caution

  11. Thank you for sharing the clip with us! Jim Bob just reminds be of my Dad!

  12. @Anonymous

    you are correct that everyone has a choice. it's not about me or my agenda/rule/standard. it's about our Lord and upholding His standard. I appreciate your asking, in an effort to learn more i direct you to the source Himself, and with the limitations of an email response, i would recommend a concise book that takes you straight to scripture and challenges you. again, it's not about us and what we would want/prefer/be comfy with. it's all about surrendering to Him and trusting Him. Not attempting to control or prevent conception. and yes, i do want that for all! i do not believe what i've learned only applies for me. also, surrender does not equal 25 children. surrender can be no conception ever or 1 or 2 -so on. that's a side of it that doesn't get talked about as much. i encourage you to look into the website i linked read the book. i was able to get it at our local library.

  13. Hey Paula,
    Thankyou for your honesty. It was actually in their law that this was to happen in the event that the widow was not left with any children. You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. And to be quite frank you have probably shot out some bible verses that i have seen many times before. As a mother of a larger than normal family, Ive had a lot thrown at me. But usually they are out of context. or they manipulate it to agree with their point of veiw. (not that i am saying you have done that)Obviously yours is different than mine and thats fine. I will look into those passages when i next have time. I also have lots of friends with families bigger than my own and lots of friends with only one, two or no children. And thats all fine. But I certainly do not "preach " to them how evil they are for not producing more enthusiastically. so to speak. I don't have all the answers, and none of us do. Only God does. And He alone is fit to judge if one is right or wrong.
    Blessings to you,

  14. And just to add Paula. When I gave the reference to Onan. It was ball park. You will find that a lot of preachers will refer back to that passage as the most remotely possible mention of birth control.Why? Because there are a lot of couples who use this method to delay or prevent children if they feel uncomforatble with using other methods. Obviously This is a P~G site and so one has to be careful.

    My husband also went to bible college and has been taught by some well known bible scholars. And he is very careful that he doesnt add to scripture and corrects me if i am out of context. He has rarely corrected me for adding to scripture, infact i don't think he has ever corrected me for it. If i am unsure if i am out of context i ask for his advice, before i shoot my mouth off. So thankyou for your concern, but at this point i dont think it's needed.

  15. Paula,
    Just to back up my statement on my previous comments, You may want to refer to Deuteronomy 25v5 which talks about Levirate marriages. And what the practise was in that day. I would also like to note what Mr John MacArthur says in his footnotes on Genesis 38v 6-10 NASB: "Two sons were executed by the Lord, one for unspecified wickedness and one for DELIBERATE AND REBELLIOUS REJECTION OF THE DUTY TO MARRY A RELATIVE"S WIDOW, CALLED A LEVIRATE MARRIAGE." This backs up my observation the Onans act was one of selfishness. (Going on to see his footnotes on Deuteronomy 25v5 "Levirate marriages provided that the brother of a dead man who died childless was to marry the widow in order to provide an heir. These were not compulsory marriages in Israel, but were applied as strong options to brothers who shared the same estate." (his footnotes continue on this passage) What i understand by John Macarthur's comments is that, it was not necessarily the fact he didnt want to be married to his deceased brothers wife. But he added to the issue by the DELIBERATE spilling of his seed.I am sure others would disagree with my point of veiw. As John MacArthur notes further down in his footnotes " If a single brother refuses to conform to this practise, he was confronted with contempt and humiliation by the elders" this is just talking about if he refuses the marriage. If he had just refused to marry his brothers wife he would of been publicly humiliated but it was the willful and deliberate act that put the icing on the cake and I believe this is why God killed him. If you still disagree thats fine. But so far you have not convinced me to change my veiws biblically, nor have you shown me using God's word where i have been in error. I thankyou cor your comments, and I am sorry if i came across as "preaching." this was far from my intention. I just want to make sure, that if i make a statement from God's word, I had better make sure i back up my statement. We are all at different stages and maturity in our christian walk. And no one is better than another. we are all one in Christ Jesus. So if you think i presume i am better than you, wipe that idea out of your head.
    Blessings, Mmolesy
    (There you go people, thats the end of my rant. Thankyou for being patient).


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