Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Names for Duggar #20

As many of you know, Michelle is expecting! The Duggars recently announced on the Today Show that baby #20 is due in April.

What do you think Jim Bob and Michelle should name their new addition?

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MusicGirl23 said...

I have a feeling it is likely to be a girl (given that it is actually becomes slightly more likely to have a same-gender child...ex, if you have 2 girls in a row, you are a bit more likely to have another girl, so with four little girls in a row-this is definitely the way things have worked out, what with six boys in a row, and the four older girls, and then the four little girls!). So, I still like Julie, which was an option for baby #18 (Jordyn-Grace), or Jacqueline (one of my best friend's names), or Janessa (also a friend's name). Julia is also great. I will be excited to find out if my guess is correct!

Jess E said...

girl- Jasmine
boy- Jacob or Jonah

Jess E said...

Or Jacinta for girl

Anonymous said...

I like Jeremy for a boy name and either Joanne or Jocelain for a girl name :)

Anonymous said...


xAnnax said...

I think for a boy, maybe Jared or Jefferson, but they were thinking Judah Benjamin before Jackson's birth, so they could revisit that... If it's a girl, I (personally) love the name Joni. It's just so cute!

Anonymous said...

jude for boy ,let us all pray for mrs duggar for a healthy pregnancy

Anonymous said...

Julliet Avery
Julia Rose

Anonymous said...

Boy or girl: Jaden, spellings can vary to look more male or female. God bless you all!

Lexiet said...

Julietta Hope is a nice name if its a girl. A boy could be Jasper Adam.

Johanna said...

If it's a girl: Jane (my daughters name!) or Janine
If it's a boy: Jared or Jeff

suubifamily said...

for a boy: Jacob or Jonah

for a girl: Jewel or Jasmine

We love the Duggars and are SO happy for their family!!

~the Rackley family in Uganda

Anonymous said...

Jasmine or Jonah

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Duggar Family. I love the name Jeffrey for a boy and Jocelyn for a girl.May god bless with health and you deliver your son or daughter. I love watching your show, your such an inspiration to one and all. Dar ~ NS Canada

Treasure19 said...

Joycelyn for a girl :)

Anonymous said...

For a boy: Joash

Anonymous said...

Love to know what they name their next bundle of joy.

Kim, Warragul, Australia.

Nome said... this is a fun name site. It is very mathematical. I think it would be fun for the homeschoolers to see how popular the name they have has been in the past 100 years...and look around for some interesting J names for a new sibling.

M.B.B (Myth Busters of the Bible) said...

I think it should be Julia. Pretty name that hasn't been used!

One of Six said...

My thoughts are possibly Julie for a girl and Judah for a boy, due to episodes where Jackson was born and they considered naming him Judah and where Jordan-Grace was born and they considered naming her Julie. The Duggars are great at choosing names and we can't wait to hear what they choose!

Marta said...

I think it is wonderful that you are having #20. All the negative comments, are people that do not realize we are not judges. GOD does that. And if your 20 have 20 and so on; it will improve this world vastly. Your values and convictions are what a TRUE Christian is. And I suggest for a girl Janee' pronounced like Renee'

Lucy said...

Julia for a girl and Jacob for a boy.

Jessica said...

For a girl: Jorja (pronounced George-a), Jacklynn, Joslynn, Joan, or Jade.
For a boy: Jarred, Jeffrey, Jensen, Joel, Jonah, or Jacob.

Anonymous said...

Jasmine or Jim Bob

April said...

I like Julia for a girl, and Jacob for a boy.

Matthew M. said...

Some J names:

Jack, Jerry, Johnice, Jacob, Jacqueline, Johnathan

Anonymous said...

boy: Jacob Henry

Anonymous said...

It is a unique name and a Dolly Parton song.

Anonymous said...

jessica, Joel, Jane, Jacob or Jasmine......

bobby ballinger said...


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling it would be a girl.10 girls and 10 boys!
hmm.. i think they're considering 'Julie' if its a girl. but if its a boy, i think it would be Jonah (:

Anonymous said...

Jacob for a boy!

Reading for Joy said...

Jude, Julie, Julia, Judy, Joan, Jacob, Jake

Suzie said...

Justus - boy
Jayden - girl

Suzie said...

Justus - boy
Jayden - girl

anita said...

Justice for a boy
jasmine for a girl
and mucho congrats on the new addition and GOD BE with you and the baby again..

anita said...

Julia - Romans 16:15
Joel - 1 Sam. 8:2
just a few more i thought of..GOD BE WITH YOU BOTH..

ashben said...

Girl: jalin janie Juliana Juliet jorga jia
Boy: Jessie jack jarred jiff

Joy said...

Jacob or Julia!!!!

ashben said...

Girl: Jamie Janie jalin jorga Jessie
Boy: jiff Jeremy jelani jack Jessie jet

Stephanie said...

For Girls I like:
Janelle Katharine
Jessica Ruth
Julie Amelia

For a boy:
Jerred Reed
Jeffery Phillip
Jonah Isaac

Can't wait find out what they are having!

Monica said...

Girl- Julie, Jocelyn,

Boy- Jayden, Jonathan, Jacob

Christine said...

Jerald for a boy and justine for a girl maybe?

Christine said...

Jerald for a boy and justine for a girl maybe?

Annie said...

Julie, Janelle, Jessica, Jacqueline, Jemima, Jacob, Jonathan, Jeffrey, Jamie, Jeremy.....

Karissa Noelle said...




Isaiah 40:31

Anonymous said...

Jericka or Jayde for a girl and Jonah for a boy.
Jen- Denver, Co

Becky Phipps said...

We feel a baby's name is important so we named our third son Jaron. It is Hebrew and means "he will sing or cry out Holy". Interestingly enough he is very musical.

Had he been a girl we looked at the name Joelle
Which means, " the Lord is Jehovah"... Praying for blessings and safety!

Becca said...

I like Jeralyn or Jerrica for a girl...hmmm, I think boys are tougher...I like Jeremy and Jacob are both good but the Duggar's are great at choosing names so I'm sure whatever they pick will be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Boy-Judah or Jared
Girl-Julie, Jael or Jada

We also have all J names like the Duggars and these are some of mine that they have not used yet.

Sarah said...

Julia for a girl
Jeremy for a boy

God Bless!

susana-g said...

Jacob-for a boy
Joceline- for a girl <3

tamlovesran said...

Jewel or Jeremy

Tasia said...

I like Jude or Jonah for a boy!

For a girl: Jada, Juliet, Jamie...the options are endless!

Bayley said...

Girl names: Julia Rose or Jubille Ruth
Boy names: Judson "Jud" Benjamin, Job (pronounced Jobe as in the biblical character) Ezekiel (as in the prophet), or Joel Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson for a boy.
Jolene for a girl!

Anonymous said...

Justice for a boy!
Jinendra (it means Justice) for a girl!

Anonymous said...

I think it will be a boy but these are my two choices:

Anonymous said...

Justice for a boy.

Jinendra (it means victorious) for a girl.

Anonymous said...

if it's a girl judith rain and if it's a boy jonathan kaleb.

Lisa said...

We were just discussing this at our dinner table last night. They do not have a Jeffrey or Jonah. Also, they don't have a Julia or Joyce. Many blessings to them!

Anonymous said...

Justice would be a cool name (my brother's name!) but I personally think it is too close to Justin, but Judah, Jefferson, or Jacob would be good names for a boy and Julie/Julia, Jacqueline, Jenna, Jayden, Jaylen, (love those names!) or even Janessa or Janelle (but it might be to close to Jessa and Jana, IDK) I love choosing names! I personally think the Duggars will go with Judah or Julie. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

(It means Christian Soldier) for a boy.

(It means bold and courageous) for a girl.

Anonymous said...

Boy Jacob
Girl Janelle

Jessica said...

Boy: Jonah, Jake, or Jeffrey
Girl: Jessica :) Julia, Jacquline

Alicemay said...

How about Joclyn; in Hebrew meaning happy or joyful :)

Anette said...

Jessica or Julie, Jacob or Johnatan if it`s a boy. :)

Saranne772 said...

I like
Jemima and Jochebed for girls

Jethro- means abundance, the Lord has certainly blessed them with an Abundant family! Or Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Judi girl
Jude boy

Nikki said...

Well, if it's a boy, I still think they should go with Judah (what the originally were going to name Jackson). If it's a girl, I like the name Julie/Julia. But I know whatever the Duggars choose, it'll be perfect!

Stacey said...

If it's a girl, I suggest Jobina. It's one of my close friend's names, and I just love it!

Anonymous said...

Jaden Reece if it is a boy and Julia Marie if it is a girl.

Kelli Z. said...

I think for like the last 3 girls, Jim Bob always mentions how he wants the name Julie but it never ends up happening. I really hope they have a Julie and he finally gets to pick the name!

If it's a boy, I like Jonah or Joel. Both biblical names they haven't used yet.

Arlene said...

For a girl - Julianna
For a boy - Jacob

Renee said...

Girl - Juliana Rose
Boy - Joel Riley

Anonymous said...


Rosemary said...

Since the word jubilee denotes a celebration, I think that would make a great middle name for either gender. Maybe...
Jessie Jubilee for a girl or
Jesse Jubilee for a boy.

Anonymous said...

Girl-Jessica Boy-Julius

Anonymous said...

Jane, Julianna
Jasper, Jacob
God bless : )

Molly said...

The post that said you could win a complete episode of the duggars, I missed! So I want to say that I have known about the duggars for about maybe a year, and I really enjoy watching them! So could you make sure that this comment is in the pick for the prize? Thanks!
Molly J.

Hedda said...

Boy :


Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Molly!

We will copy and paste your comment into the giveaway post.

Thanks for entering!
Lily and Ellie

Mama Bear said...

Julia Rose
Jesse Isaac

Congratulations Duggar family. We love your encouragement of such a lovely godly family. My family is so blessed everytime we watch an episode. We keep you in our prayers, for God to continue to use your testimony for His glory and keep shining for Jesus, may you all be richly blessed!

We're also praying for Michelle and baby #20 to keep peaceful and healthy and for a smooth and comfortable delivery.

God bless,

Johanna said...

Oh, I've thought of another girl name: Juliana ! Or how about Jemina or Jemima? My daughters love the 'Jemima Puddleduck' story and insist I put it on here as it's a 'real fun name!'

Are the Duggars actually going to see our name ideas? I wish I'd had that kind a help with my girls: we just went for the grandmothers names!

Anonymous said...

Julia Elizabeth,Julie,or Jacob.


Anonymous said...

Jaime Michelle would be beautiful!!

Angela said...


Lily and Ellie said...

Hi Johanna!

The Duggars have looked at the blog, so they might just see all the name ideas!

~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

How about Jamie-Lynn for a girl and Jaden or Jared for a boy?

Anonymous said...

Jamie-boy or girl; Journey-girl; Jenna-girl;Jared-boy;

Jen said...

Julianna is my favorite. Jim Bob could have his Juli that way. Boys are harder. I like Jefferson. Jeff for short.

Anonymous said...

I think it should be Julie Rose.

Krystal said...

I really like the name Jonah, and I think that if she has a boy that might be a good choice because of its biblical context. I think if they had a girl it should be either Jacklyn or Julia.

Housetop Shouter said...

Jerusha Abigail for a girl, Joel Aaron for a boy. Lord please bless and protect Michelle and "Baby 20"!

Krystal said...

I think Jonah for a boy
and Julia or Jacklyn for a girl. I have the gut feeling she is having a son. I think Jonah would be a good choice to the biblical character.

Highdesertstamper said...

Jerilyn for girl; Jesse for boy

Housetop Shouter said...

Jerusha Abigail for a girl, Joel Aaron for a boy. Lord please bless and protect Michelle and "Baby 20"!

Anonymous said...

Boy- Jacob

Anonymous said...

Praying for a healthy baby & mum :-) I think Job Isaiah(or Jobe) for a boy is a great biblical name. I also like Judah & Juliette Rene or Jada. Have fun picking the name

Becca S. said...

Hi, CONGRATULATIONS Michelle and Jim Bob!!

-Jessica Caroline
-Jenna Danielle
-Jillian Page
-Jailyn Miranda

-Jonathan Moses
-Jacob Cameron
-Jeremy Charles
-Jesse Benjamin!

God Bless,
Becca Snead!

Rita said...

I just found out about your family and watched the shows on my computer.
I'm kind of surprised there are so many negative comments and wonder why people do this. Anyway, I have a name for your little girl. I was thinking Jichelle, which is pronounced like Michelle or Juliette. If it's a boy, how about Julian or Jace. If it's twins you could use Juliette and Julian.

God Bless you,

Rita said...

I was thinking that if it is a girl you could name her Jichelle, like Michelle or Juliette. If it's a boy you could use Julian or Jace. If it's twins you could use Juliette and Julian.

God Bless you,

Anonymous said...

I like Julie for a girl and Jaron for a boy. Maybe it'll be twins!

Paula said...

my suggestions are Jaden, Jaylyn or Jenica. I pray the pregnancy goes well. Finally an April baby I have 2 April babies.

Anonymous said...

I think that Julie would be a good name for a girl, or else the name like a friend of mine has: Julienne. I agree with a lot of the comments that say Jared would be nice for a boy's name.

Sara@BestBabyCribs said...

For a girl: Amira
For a boy: Jude

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! God has blessed you once more. I am praying that the birth of this baby will be normal without all the hardships and worries of Josie's birth. My choice for a name if a girl: Julia, Julia Rose, or Julie Anna. Why? It was my Mum's & she passed away a few years ago but I just can't seem to go forward with my life without her... I miss her with all my heart. I am sorry, I know it may be somewhat selfish to ask this but I know that Mum was so much like your family. She was a petite woman with a heart 3 times as large. She had a smile and a helping hand for everyone.Even though her own life was filled with so many obstacles and misfortunes, you would never know it. Her heart was filled with Our Lord and she was constantly looking for ways to be of service. I hope you will seriously consider the name Julie Anna if it's a girl.Somehow it would feel as though she is part of your family and by extension, I would as well. It feels like this empty space inside of me would finally be filled and I wouldn't feel so alone anymore. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. <3

Deb A.

aly said...

For a girl I like Jeana (pronounced like Gina) or Jackie or Jayme or Juniper

For a boy I like Jayden or Joel or Jared or Jonah or Judea

So excited for the new baby<3!

Anonymous said...

Joel Robert Joel means (Hebrew) - 1 Sam. 8:2 - he that wills or commands.

Joela ("God is willing") Michelle

Our Life's Journey said...

I like Jocelynn for a girl and Jais for a boy, But I hope she has a girl to make it 10 boys and 10 girls!

Our Life's Journey said...

I loike Jocelynn for a girl and Jais for a boy. But I hope she has a girl to make it an even 10 boys and 10 girl

Anonymous said...

Julia or Judah

Destiny said...

I like the 10th girl's name Julia Elizabeth, the first name Julia is after my friend from school. And an 11th boy will be Jacob William.

Kathryn said...

Julianna - Julie Ah nah Rose

Anonymous said...

I would say Jessica for a girl but they already have Jessa so definatly Jasmine, Jemma or Jacinta and for a boy Jayden or Jared.

Anonymous said...


Larry/Linda said...

Julie or Jeffrey

Anonymous said...

Jepthah ("he opens" Hebrew)

Jemima (beautiful daughter of Job) or "Jemma" ("dove")



Jaydn or Jade (boy or girl)

Justice Mercy or Justice Daniel (God is my Judge)

Jonathan (or Joni for a girl)

Joel (or Joelle for a girl)


Jarred or Jared

Jabin (Yavin in Hebrew pronunciation) "He will understand" -- Another less accurate rendition is "God has created") This is my personal favorite for this special 20th baby! The meaning is a testimony! (pronounced Jay'bin in Western pronunciation)

Jacob (No, it does NOT mean "deceiver" but "heel" coming from the Hebrew word for "follow" and is historically meant "one who supplants") Jacob Daniel balances the meanings....One who supplants with God as Judge.

Jacinda (Greek - "beautiful; attractive"), nickname "Jaci" said "Jaycee"... could be spelled "Jayce"

Jaime Roberta (Girl's version of JimBob) or "Jayme"; Jaime Robert for JimBob for a guy (same meanings)

Jeffrey ("Gift of peace"), or jeoffrey

Jabal (mountain?) (or other spelling Jebel)

Jean (jeanette) Good scottish name meaning "God is gracious" Jeanne,

Jenelle or Janelle

Jeneva or Janeva

Jerome ("of Holy name")

Jodie or Jodi

Jocelyn or Jacylin (and variant spellings)

Jolene or Jolena ("she will increase")
Jolie ("pretty")

Jud or Judith ("one who is praised")

Julian or Julianne (first can be boy or girl)

Hope this helps!

memyselfandi said...

Girl: Jasmine, Jo Anna or Jewel

Boy: Jared, Jonah or Jacob

Anonymous said...

I think Jahaila or Jacea go good for a girl

Robin Joy said...

I wish you all well... and baby #20 my name choices are:

Boy: Jetson

Girl: Jaimelyn

Anonymous said...

Girl- Jaclyn or Joelle
Boy- Jadon or Joash

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love you all so much and just know the new blessing will be so a grace of God. I think Janie Lynn would be nice for a girl. A boy name might be Janney Lee. thank you for sharing all your life. I ahve 3 children and 4 grandkids so blessed I am.

Grace said...

Boy: Jacob, Jacobi

Girl: June, Jade, Julia

I love the Duggars!

Justine =) said...

Congrats! I come from a Family of J names too so I have had time to think about this. GIRLS; #1 Justine(my name!),Johnnita(my mom),Juanita(my sis),Jayla,Journey,Jasmine,Juniper,Julia,or Jenavive
Jensen,or Joel

Emma said...

I know most suggestions have been made already (just seen this amazing news!), but have to say that I love the name Jasmine for a girl, or Jenna or Joelle.

Joel for a boy.

Hard to think of J names that they haven't already chosen, but there's a few anyway.

E x

Anonymous said...

I'm probably the youngest kids who understands the duggars life
i think Jacob is a really cute name

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think it is going to be a boy because they had a couple of girls last. I like the names Jake or Jacob for a boy and for a girl, Juliana or Julieta.

Rich and Jolynn said...

Jacob or Jonah for little boy

Jolynn, Janessa (Vanessa with. "j") or Julianna for little girl

Congratulations! Please pray trying to figure out how to serve God and help children in need-adoption and/or foster care.

Anonymous said...

Jerusalem. The child's name should be Jerusalem, regardless if it's a girl or a boy, it's a fantastic name.

Emma said...

OK, here's another- Julian for a boy?? Think it's gonna be a girl though!

E x

LadybugJewel said...

I like the French name Jeanne (pronounced jenay). Perhaps a combination of Julie Jeanne... Juliette is really pretty. It could be Juli for short!

luv2scrapbook said...

Girls- Jocelyn Jenna Jaclyn

Boys- Jaylen Jaryn Jace

luv2scrapbook said...

Girls Jenna Jocelyn Jaclyn

Boys Jaryn Jace Jaylen

Reese K said...

A few boys names I really like: Judah, Joel, & Jasper
Girls names: Julia, Jocelyn, Jaylee. I'm predicting a boy this time around! Congrats to the Duggar's!

Sara said...

girl jubilee , Julia , jessica, Jymal , Jewel, jocelyn for a boy i like Joel or jonah or Jude or jeff,jacob,Jared

Anonymous said...

Jayde for a girl.

Jude for a boy.


Cyndy said...

I like Julie or Julia for a girl, and Joel for a boy...Congratulations, the Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle! Please keep filming, I love watching your family grow!!

Laura said...

Congratulations Duggar Family!! We are so happy for you! I like the names-
Jenna or Jacklyn Danielle for a girl
Jeremy or Justus Benjamin for a boy

May God bless you for following Him!

Laura said...

Congrats Duggars!! I like the names-

Jenna or Jacklyn Danielle for a girl
Justus or Jeremy Benjamin for a boy

God bless you guys!

Anonymous said...

Gina G

Girl: Julia, Julie, Jullian, Jessica, Jacqueline, Jasminee, Janelle,Joan, Jocelyn, Juliet

boy: Jacob,Jadyn, Jack, Jake, Joel. Jeffery

Southern Grandma said...

If a boy, consider naming him
JULIAN; if a girl, try JULIANA.
Those are family names of strong Christians. Love those names.

Anonymous said...

I really like the name Jayden. It is a great unisex name.
For a girl-Jayden/Jaydan Michelle

For a boy- Jayden Robert

Jim Bob has always wanted to name a child Jim Bob(lol),so Robert would be perfect!
I pray that this is a safe pregnancy and birth.
God Bless
Sarah B.Blomberg

Abi McGraw said...

Jeanette if it's a girl and Jacob or Jonathan if ti's a boy.

Anonymous said...

jeanette ir jain and jacob

Anonymous said...

for a girl... June Hope

for a boy .... Joel Thomas

Kelsey and Abby M.

Nanner said...



Lexiet said...

Jocasta,or Julie-ann or jacynth for a girl. Judah or jethro or Jerome for a boy

Anonymous said...

Julie Hope
Jerred Benjamin
Judah-Paul Malachi
Joel Abraham
Jefferson Isaiah
Jacob Nathaniel

Anonymous said...

I like Jem for a girl and Jeremy for a boy :)

Anonymous said...

Girl: Jacinta
Boy: Jervis

Anonymous said...

I like Jacob Aaron for a boy's
name and Jeena Claire if it's a girl.
My God bless Michelle and Jim Bob
and all their children.
Much love,
Judy from Pennsylvinia

Anonymous said...

Julia or Jada for a girl
Jacob or Jared for a boy

Anonymous said...

Girl: Janelle
Boy: Jared

courtney said...

I like Jorgia and Judson

Anonymous said...

Girl- Joclyn or Jacqueline
Boy- Jared or Jonah

Anonymous said...

Jeana (pronounced the same way as Gina) for a girl.

Anonymous said...

I like the name Jacob and maybe Julia

Anonymous said...

Congrats Duggars!! May you have a happy and safe pregnacy. God Bless. Boy name..Jesse Micah..Girl name..Julie Kyann.

Anonymous said...

Jocelyn or Jeffrey

Anonymous said...

Jocelyn or Jeffrey

Anonymous said...

For girl: Jasmine,Jolin,Jessica,Jerlyn,Jacqueline,Jade,Jamie,Jan,Janelle,Janessa,Janet,Janice,Jean,Jeraldine, joelle,Josephine,Joylyn

Anonymous said...

Jake,Janson,Jarell,Jeff,Jeffrey,Jeremy,Jerry,Jimmy,Joel,Johnson,---> For a boy (:

Anonymous said...

Julianna Faith for a girl. Or for a boy Jacob Matthew

Anonymous said...

How about Jensen for a boy and Jerrica for a girl

Anonymous said...

Girl- Jennica or Jenna

Boy- Jeffrey or Joel

Lin said...

Hi Duggars. My youngest son was born on April 10th, 2006. His name is Ryder, so wouldn't really work for the J theme. We considered Jesse as a name for either a boy or girl, so that would work for you all as well. We also like Jace for a boy and Juno for a girl. Either way we ask the lord for a healthy bundle of joy. Love your show!!!


Baylee said...

justin or josarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 =]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lexi said...



I hope and pray that you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and safe delivery! I'm excited for all of you!
With love from Ontario, Canada

Anonymous said...

For Girls I like.... Jenna, Jessica, Jamie, Jody, Josephine JoEllen, Justine or Justina
For Boys I like... Joel, Jamie, Jay, Jacob, Jordan Jerome, Jesse Good luck with all... Hope its happy healthy and hope to see more episodes

Anonymous said...

Jenna Rose- girl

Jacob Samuel- boy

Anonymous said...

boy-Jonathan Thomas
girl-Jolee Paige

Emily said...

Jewel, Jackie, Joan, or Julie if it's a girl. Jacob, Jake, Jay-Jay, or Jim Bob Jr. if it's a boy.

Anonymous said...

For a girl: Julissa, Julie-Rae, Jenikka (or Jerikka), Jayla, Jemma, Jenna Lyn, Janae, Jaidyn, JoLynn, June, Julianne

For a boy: Jace, Juda, Jeffrey, Jaron, Janson, Joel, Jayden, JayDee (or J.D.), Jaylon, Jasper, Jonas, Jarred

Rosie said...

Jolene or jackie

Anonymous said...

I really like the name Jessica Elyse or Jacob Taylor

Anonymous said...

I like jayden (Or you can spell it jaden or anything else) or jalen(Jaylen)
And for a girl Julia, jessie, Jessica, jazmine,jade, or jayda

julia pennock said...

Julia if it is a girl and Jonah for a guy

julia pennock said...

Julia for a girl or jaden for a guy

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