Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Readers Meet the Duggars

We recently asked you to send in photos of yourself (or someone you know) meeting the Duggars. Here is what we have so far. Thanks to everyone who contributed!
Have a photo to share? Email it to, and we will add it below!

 Josie Duggar and Ellie with Bailey, a young fan
LifeWay Christian Store in Rogers, AR

 Amy Wingfield stands in line with family and friends to meet the Duggars
Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, TX

 Meeting Jinger Duggar

 Posing with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

 Chatting with Michelle Duggar

 Photo with Jill Duggar

At the door of the Duggars' bus with Jana, Jessa, Jackson, and Johannah

 Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar and Gil & Kelly Bates 
Visit Claire, a fan recovering from brain surgery

Brianna and Natalie meet John-David Duggar and Paul Waller (Anna's nephew)
July 2013

The Williams family with Jeremiah, Joy-Anna, Jessa, Jana, and Jinger Duggar
Political fundraiser in Gastonia, NC
June 2013

 The Williams meet Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Gastonia, NC
June 2013

The Westbrooks family poses with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Poplar Bluff, MO

 Jessica Grimm meets the Duggars 
With her mother (Dee), son (Nathan), and daughter (Anna)
Farmington, MO

 Nathan Grimm poses for a photo with Josh and Anna Duggar
Farmington, MO

 Meeting Jinger Duggar in Farmington, MO
Photo from Sheila

Fans pose with Joy-Anna and Jason Duggar in Farmington, MO
Photo from Sheila

 Meeting Jessa and Jinger Duggar
Photo from Sheila

 Meeting Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Photo from Sheila

Franicia White celebrates Jim Bob's 47th birthday with the Duggars
(Grandma Duggar, Debbie Query, Franicia, and Michelle)

Kelly, Jim Bob Duggar, and Tom

 Kayla with Jason, Jedidiah, Jackson, Jennifer, and Jordyn

 Kayla poses with Jill Duggar 

 Meeting Anna and Jana Duggar

 Joseph Duggar takes a photo with Kayla

 Rhonda and her children meet Jinger, Jessa, and Jill in Camden, MI
July 2010

 Jim Bob Duggar with the Morgan family
July 2010

Rhonda and her kids with the four eldest Duggar girls
July 2010

 Josh Duggar greets the Morgans
July 2010

 John-David, Joseph, and Joy pose with Alexis and Aiden
July 2010

 Anna and Mackynzie with Rhonda and Alexis
July 2010

Kimmie and her family run into the Duggars and chat about homeschooling

Crysten with Jill and Joy-Anna in Kansas

 Cyrsten with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

 Jim Bob Duggar and Chris in East Peoria, IL
Spring 2012

Chris meets Jana Duggar in East Peoria, IL
Spring 2012

 Josh Duggar opens for Rick Santorum in East Peoria, IL
Spring 2012

 Leah poses with Jim Bob and Michelle in Canton, OH
June 2009

Lily and Ellie with Jim Bob Duggar
(Gil Bates just happens to call while we are chatting)

 Lily and Ellie pose for a picture with Jill Duggar
(Jill also snaps a photo on her phone to send to her mom, 
who is back home with the little ones)

 Lily and Ellie with the gracious Anna Duggar

Lily and Ellie join Josiah and Michael Duggar for a photo

Lily and Ellie with Jana Duggar

 Carissa meets Jim Bob Duggar in Ripon, WI

 Jim Bob and Josiah Duggar with friends in Ripon, WI

 Josh Duggar in Ripon, WI

 Campaigning in Ripon, WI

The McQuinn family 
with Jana, Jill, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, and Jordyn Duggar

 Michelle Duggar with Erin in Atlanta, GA

 Kayla meets Joy-Anna Duggar

Shields family with Jim Bob Duggar at Santorum event
Spartanburg, SC

 Jana Duggar and Michaela

Josh meets Jedidiah Duggar

 Josh and Jeremiah Duggar
 Rebeckah and siblings meet Jessa Duggar

 Rebekah and siblings meet Michelle at SC book-signing

 Meeting Josh Duggar at Santorum event

Shields family fellowships with Zach, Lawson, and Tori Bates at Santorum event
Spartanburg, SC

Lily Madrid with Jim Bob, Michelle, and Mackynzie
Elise from Mendocino, CA, meets Michelle
2009 Children's Consignment Sale in Fort Smith Arkansas

Jim Bob and Michelle with the Miller family
2011 book-signing in Cincinnati, OH

Jen Voight and sons meet Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
2011 book-signing in Columbus, OH

 Nicole meets the Duggars in Cincinnati

Chatting with the kids!

 Signing books
Image contributed by Nicole

The adorable Josie!

Jennifer Duggar

The Baughers pose with Michelle and Jinger
June 2011 Book-signing in Camp Hill, PA

Abigail and Danielle Baugher meet Joy-Anna

The Baughers pose in front of the Duggars' bus

 The Rufeners meet the Duggars (and serve them a meal)
Canton, Ohio

 Chris Rufener poses with Grandma Duggar

Cake decorated by Haylee Rufener

Collage for Joy-Anna Duggar's14th birthday
Created by JOYDUGGARFAN, a loyal reader

Brittani poses with Jim Bob and Michelle
June 2011 in Akron, OH

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RetroNik82 said...

I emailed you my pics from my meeting with the Duggars. It was such a great experience. :)

Anonymous said...

i sended some more pictures of meet the duggars at the book signing in akron, ohio

--brittani baloga

Kathryn said...

This family is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Come to Baltimore!! I want to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Will you be coming to New York? My family & I live in Dutchess County NY..about 1 hour away from Manhattan... we would love to come and see you !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

come to boston please

Anna Marie said...

They support Todd Akin?? Ouch! Still I love them anyway.. I love what the Duggars stand for as a whole, though.. We'd be a whole lot better off if we all got following their creed.. Love of and dedication to God and His Word, the family, the community, and the world! It's pathetic how selfish, and self-centered we are in this country today. Keep showing us the way, Duggars!

elena said...

I missed them when they were in NY Niagara falls. I didn'd realize. I would love to meet them. Hopefully on their daughters book tour. Would be exciting. Hopefully, they will cross the boarder into Canada. Preferably Toronto..Keeping my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

I sent the pictures, did you get them?

Lily and Ellie said...


Yep, we got the pictures and will add them to the Our Readers Meet the Duggars page soon. :)

~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Do you know when you will post more pictures?

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Anonymous,

Just posted a new photo. :)

~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Baby Paul is so CUTE!!!

Natalie Lengel said...

I sent you some of my picts!

Anonymous said...

I live about an hour or so away from you all! I pray one day I'll get to meet all of you! I think it's awesome that we also have the same dressing standards. You all are such an inspiration to me and I thank you so much for that!


Anonymous said...

have the duggars ever come to Maine? if you can sometime, please come to South Paris,Maine.:)

Anonymous said...

Can They Come To NC By Chance????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to meet them! I live in Mexico. =( They are such a great example.

summero said...

can they come to DALLAS,TX by any chance
P.S i love all of the pic you put

Anonymous said...

Hey Lily and Ellie!
I've been hearing rumors about Jana leaving the show to get a higher education. Are they real? I hope not, I love Jana.

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Anonymous 21,

Those are just rumors. The Duggars have not made any announcements about Jana leaving. People sure do like to start rumors about the Duggars, and we are happy to help set the record straight. :)

~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

Lilly and Ellie,
How many hours do you live away from the Duggar's? (Jim Bob, Michelle and family)

Kaitlin Arthur said...

I live so close, and yet so far:) I wish that I could meet them! Amity Arkansas doesn't seem that far from where they live, but they are so busy!!!!!! Still, I wish I could!
These pictures are really nice by the way!

Timber Williams said...

Oh boy!!! That would be some serious AWESOME SAUCE if I could meet them!!! :-) :-) :-)

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