Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Highlights: Duggars Take a Dip

On this week's episode of 19 Kids and Counting...
  • The Duggars love the water, so Jim Bob and Michelle decided to take them over to a friend's pool for some swimming lessons. The kids had a blast. They wanted Dad to get in on the fun, so they teamed up and pushed him into the pool, clothes and all!
  • For an early birthday present, Jeremiah picked out a firehouse-themed chess set. (Do we have a future volunteer firefighter on our hands?) To date, Jeremiah has not lost a single game to any of his 18 siblings. "I beat everyone in my family, except the ones that quit in the middle," says the chess pro.
  • Michelle spoke to a MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) group at the First Baptist Church of Springdale on the topic of character qualities. Can you guess the top 3 character qualities that Jim Bob and Michelle teach their children? The first is attentiveness. "If I can't get their eyes, I'm not going to get their hearts," says the mom of 19. Number two is obedience, and the third is self-control. Michelle's final words of wisdom to the young mothers? "Turn your heart toward Jesus."
  • Click here to download your very own copy of the tried-and-true list that Jim Bob and Michelle use to teach their children character qualities.
Do your kids like to swim? Have they taken lessons?

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    Lauren said...

    Did you notice how on this episode it said that the Duggars do not eat pork due to religious reasons? I thought that was an interesting conviction.


    DuggarFamFan08 said...

    I'm looking forward to watching this episode! :O)

    My Blog:

    THE OLD GEEZER said...

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


    Anonymous said...

    I couldn't believe it when I saw that they don't eat pork. That is an Old Testament law in Leviticus. Jesus declares in Mark that all meat is clean. Why would the Duggars follow an Old Testament law? That made me lose a lot of respect for them. I used to think that they were conservative, but maybe they were on to something with their convictions, but this just makes me question whether or not all of their convictions are legitimate.

    Anonymous said...

    does anyone know who taught Josiah how to play chess? They've never commented on chess before.

    Anonymous said...

    great episode! So cute to see Jenny with Jill cooking. Jill has a lot of patience! Is Michelle still recovering from her surgery in this episode (it is hard to tell how much time has passed between episodes). She was out at a speaking event, so I assume she's doing well. God Bless you Michelle!

    Lily and Ellie said...

    There are many conservative Christians who choose not to eat pork. We actually have some very good friends who have made that choice. It's a matter of personal preference.

    Lily and Ellie said...

    Thanks for following our blog, Ron! What a neat blog you have! We checked it out and will be back to read more soon. =)
    ~Lily and Ellie

    Lily and Ellie said...

    Yes, Michelle was still recovering from her surgery in this episode. She was still taking it easy but had come a long way since last week's episode.

    Anonymous said...

    I think Jeremiah learned to play chess from Grandpa Duggar because when they interviewed the kids during the Duggars say good-bye episode, he commented that some of his favourite memories were of playing chess with Grandpa Duggar.

    Yam Erez said...

    About the swimming: How do the Duggars reconcile modesty with swimwear? How about mixed-gender swimming?

    Lily and Ellie said...

    Hi Yam!

    To swim, the Duggar girls wear WholesomeWear ( The boys usually wear wet suits or swim trunks and shirts.

    As for mixed-gender swimming, the Duggars often swim/play water games together as a family, as well as with friends.

    Thanks for the question!
    ~Lily and Ellie

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